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Home zones

A planning and design handbook

By Mike Biddulph


Dec 12, 2001

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80 pages




297 x 210 mm


Policy Press
Home zones

Home zones are a common feature of the urban landscape in many parts of Europe, and now national and local governments in the UK are committed to promoting them because of the safety, health, environmental and social benefits that they can offer. Regeneration agencies are also starting to see that home zones can form a focus for environmental improvement and community development initiatives, while house builders are recognising that home zones can help to sell houses becuase of the contribution that they make to residents' quality of life.

This guide will therefore be invaluable to anyone interested in the home zone concept and to anyone wanting practical advice on how to implement such a scheme, including:

residents thinking of introducing a home zone into their street;

engineers, landscape designers or architects given the task of planning and designing a home zone scheme;

councillors, housing and regeneration professionals interested in finding out about the potential for home zones in their area.

"This kind of comprehensive yet succinct guideline is a welcome reference for both practitioners and students of streets." Children, Youth and Environments

Mike Biddulph is Lecturer in Urban Design in the Department of City and Regional Planning, Cardiff University

Contents: Introduction; What is a Home Zone?; Government commitment to the Home Zone; Where might it work best?; Making a Home Zone happen; The planning and designing process; Designing a Home Zone; Useful resources.