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Housing associations - rehousing women leaving domestic violence

New challenges and good practice

By Cathy Davis


Jul 2, 2003

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Housing associations - rehousing women leaving domestic violence

Housing associations are central to the government's strategy to improve social housing yet have no direct statutory responsibility for rehousing homeless people. This study critically examines the role of housing associations in responding to the needs of women who have become homeless due to domestic violence.

Housing associations - rehousing women leaving domestic violence will fill a gap in the literature for academic staff and students interested in housing studies, social policy, sociology, women's studies, political studies and organisation/management studies; provide valuable guidance to staff in housing associations and local authorities working in "general needs" housing, supported housing and homeless services; and provide policy makers with a useful introduction to key issues.

"... a must read book for those who work within the field of domestic violence and housing." Safe, The Domestic Abuse Quarterly

"... offers valuable insights into the approach of both the local authority and the housing associations and also the (sometimes uneasy) relationships between them, which can be used to inform practice in other areas of housing provision." Housing Studies

"... a must-read for those who work in domestic violence and housing... gives a vivid insight into the modernisation agenda in today's housing associations. Policy makers and housing practitioners should read this book and take note of how housing policy, and the housing management service in associations, needs to change to provide a meaningful service to women who have become homeless because of domestic violence." Roof

"... clearly presented and useful for students of the development of policy in practice in housing and domestic violence, and for people working in these areas." Journal of Social Policy

"This book is essential reading for anyone whose work and study touches on the areas of domestic violence and housing. However, it is much more than this, providing insight into the ways in which the government's modernisation agenda impacts on housing policy and specifically housing associations. The graphic effects of these policies on managers, frontline staff and consumers of housing services is a wonderful case study of the 'modernisation agenda' in action." Dr Catherine Humphreys, University of Warwick, UK

Cathy Davis is currently a Research Fellow at the Social Work Research Centre, University of Salford. She was the author of the NHF's 'good practice' guide on responding to violence in the home and has researched and published primarily in the 'race' and housing field.

Contents: Working together: local authority and housing association responses to domestic violence; Finding a new home from the council or a housing association; The local authority, homelessness and the 'enabling role'; The housing associations - growing into a new role; Applying for association housing; Assessing applications and allocating property; Women's experiences of finding a new home; Conclusions.

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