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Housing matters

National evidence relating to disabled children and their housing

By Bryony Beresford and Christine Oldman


Nov 20, 2002

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Policy Press
Housing matters

Housing Matters presents evidence to support and inform change in policy and practice to ensure that the housing needs of disabled children and their families are better met.

The report challenges traditional notions of housing need, calling for a reconceptualisation that embraces all impairments, focuses on child-centred needs and extends beyond the 'four walls' of the family home. The findings of the report are discussed and interpreted within the context of current policy and practice.

Housing Matters is an invaluable resource to practitioners and managers working in health, social service and housing departments and the voluntary sector; housing providers; architects; local councillors; and those with responsibility at a national level for meeting the needs of disabled children and their families. 

"Berseford & Oldman are the leading researchers in the field of housing and disabled children and this piece of work from them is important and valuable." Housing Studies

Bryony Beresford is a Research Fellow at the Social Policy Research Unit, University of York. 

Christine Oldman is a freelance researcher; she formerly worked as a Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Housing Policy at the University of York. 

Contents: Background; The families and their living circumstances; The problems with their homes; Responding to unsuitable housing; Current provision and funding practices; The study's policy implications; Conclusions.

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