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Immigration and homelessness in Europe

By Bill Edgar, Joe Doherty and Henk Meert


Nov 23, 2004

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Policy Press
Immigration and homelessness in Europe

Drawing on the national reports of the correspondents of the European Observatory on Homelessness, the book provides a comparative analysis, identifying the commonalities and differences across fifteen member states of the EU. Specifically, the book assesses the impact of recent changes in European housing markets, especially their commodification and privatisation; examines how immigrants' vulnerability to homelessness is reflected in their legal status and explores the effect that growing numbers of migrants and their changing demographics have had on providers of homelessness services in Europe. Immigration and homelessness in Europe is essential reading for policy makers, service providers, social workers, researchers and students of housing and housing policy.

"... a valuable contribution to understanding housing exclusion and immigration." HSA News

"... an important part of the argument for a reversal of the current drive towards supply-side housing and on-going privatisation of an inherited social housing provision." Journal of Social Policy

"This book gives a global picture on immigration and homelessness across EU-15 that is based upon detailed and sound empirical evidence, and encapsulated into a robust conceptualization. ... scientific assessment remains a necessity and it is sad the series of five books ends here." European Journal of Housing Policy

"There is a pressing need for comprehensive and up-to-date information about immigration, housing and homelessness. This book, by experts in the field, meets the need admirably. It provides a wealth of useful information and analysis as well as pointers to good practice." Susan Hutson, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Glamorgan

Bill Edgar is an academic consultant and honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of St Andrews. Joe Doherty is Professor of Geography at the University of St Andrews. Together they direct the Joint Centre for Scottish Housing Research. Henk Meert is Associate Professor in Human Geography at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium and Research Fellow of the Flemish Fund for Scientific Research (FWO). The three authors act as research coordinators for the European Observatory on Homelessness.

Introduction; Migration trends and control in the EU; The experience of migration; Immigrants and European housing markets; Migration and homelessness; Homeless services and immigration; Conclusion.

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