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Inequalities in health

The evidence presented to the Independent Inquiry into Inequalities in Health, chaired by Sir Donald Acheson

Edited by David Gordon, Mary Shaw, Danny Dorling and George Davey Smith


Oct 20, 1999

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288 pages

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Studies in Poverty, Inequality and Social Exclusion




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Inequalities in health

The Acheson Inquiry was the most important government-backed examination into inequalities in health in the past 20 years. However, much of the detailed evidence presented to the Inquiry has not been published - until now.

This book presents 17 chapters of evidence commissioned by the Acheson Inquiry to inform their work. It provides a 'state of the art' review, by leading experts, into aspects of inequalities in health among:



Adults of working age

Older people


Social environment

Poverty and income






Transport/pollution/material environment


Mental health

Health-related behaviours

Oral health


Inequalities in health: The evidence is important reading for academics in the social and medical sciences, students, medical professionals and people working within the fields of health and community care.

Studies in poverty, inequality and social exclusion series

Series Editor: David Gordon, Director, Townsend Centre for International Poverty Research.

Poverty, inequality and social exclusion remain the most fundamental problems that humanity faces in the 21st century. This exciting series, published in association with the Townsend Centre for International Poverty Research at the University of Bristol, aims to make cutting-edge poverty related research more widely available.

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"... a useful collection of state of the art papers." BMJ

Introduction; A structural plan needed to reduce inequalities of health ~ Peter Townsend; Preface by Sir Donald Acheson; Mother, foetus, infant, child and family: socio-economic inequalities ~ Catherine Law; Youth Patrick West; Adults of working age (16/18 to 65 years) ~ David Blane; Inequalities in health: older people ~ Kay-Tee Khaw; Health inequalities: the place of housing ~ Richard Best; The social environment ~ Richard Wilkinson; Poverty across the life-course and health ~ George Davey Smith; The role of the NHS in tackling inequalities in health ~ Michaela Benzeval and Anna Donald; Tackling inequalities in health and healthcare - the role of the NHS ~ Bobbie Jacobson; Nutrition and health inequalities ~ Michael Nelson; Education and health inequalities ~ Geoff Whitty, Peter Aggletin, Eva Garmarnikow and Paul Tayrer; Geographical inequalities in mortality, morbidity and health-releated behaviour in England ~ Sally Macintyre; Ethnic inequalities in health ~ James Nazroo; Inequalities in health: road transport and pollution ~ Adrian Davis; Inequalities in health related to transport ~ Barbara MacGibbon; Gender ~ Sara Arber; Mental health ~ David Goldberg; Smoking, drinking, physical activity and screening uptake and health inequalities ~ Jane Wardle, Michael Farrell, Melvyn Hillsdon, Martin Jarvis, Stephen Sutton and Margaret Thorogood; Inequalities in oral health ~ Aubrey Sheiham and Richard G. Watt.

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