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Information and joining up services

The case of an information guide for parents of disabled children

By Bridgette Wessels and Val Bagnall


Sep 18, 2002

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Policy Press
Information and joining up services

There have been numerous government initiatives in relation to providing quality services for disabled children and their families. One key area in need of further development, identified by both service professionals and service users, is the provision of accessible information for parents, carers and others who work with disabled children.

This report addresses the issue by providing:

· an overview of current policy and practice in the provision of services for disabled children and their families;

· a 'how to' guide to best practice for the production of an information guide to services - from planning and production to evaluation and analysis;

· evaluation of an information guide from the perspective of both parents and professionals.

This report is an invaluable resource for anyone involved in providing information about services to disabled children and their families.

Bridgette Wessels is a lecturer in sociology at the University of Sheffield and was formerly Senior Research Associate, University of Newcastle upon Tyne. She has conducted research in numerous areas of inclusion and exclusion and the changing nature of service provision, which includes understanding information within such contexts.

Val Bagnall was Interagency Development Worker (Children with Disabilities), Health and Social Services, Newcastle upon Tyne, she is now the Partnership Coordinator for the Children's Service at St Oswald's Hospice in Newcastle upon Tyne. She originally trained as a psychiatric social worker and subsequently worked in developmental posts in health, social services and in the voluntary sector. Her current interest is in being part of the Government's 'working together' agenda to achieve joined up services responsive to the needs of families.

Contents: Introduction; Understanding information; Developing a guide to services; Understanding the use of the guide in family contexts; Understanding the use of the guide in service contexts; Conclusions; Recommendations for further research and for policy.

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