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Series editors: Iris Geva-May, Professor Emerita, Simon Fraser University, Canada, and Visiting Professor, Baruch College, City University of New York, and Michael Howlett, Simon Fraser University, Canada

This major series brings together a detailed examination of the theory and practice of policy analysis systems at different levels of governments and by non-governmental actors in a range of specific countries. It therefore provides a key addition to research and teaching in comparative policy analysis and policy studies more generally.

Each volume includes a history of the country's policy analysis, which offers a broad comparative overview with other countries as well as the country in question. In doing so, the books in the series provide the data and empirical case studies essential for instruction and for further research in the area. They also include expert analysis of different approaches to policy analysis and an assessment of their evolution and operation in both governmental and non-governmental organisations.

The series will be valuable to academics and students in public policy, public administration and management, comparative politics and government, public organisations and individual policy areas. It will also interest people working in the countries in question and internationally.