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Editors' Choice

The following Critical and Radical Social Work Editors' Choice articles are free to access until 30 July 2022:

Improving access to sexual violence support for marginalised individuals: findings from the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* and the black and minority ethnic communities
Gillian Love, Grazia De Michele, et al. 

Technicist education: paving the way for the rise of the social work robots?
Christine Morley, Philip Ablett, and Kate Stenhouse

Revolutionary social work: promoting sustainable justice
Masoud Kamali and Jessica H. Jönsson

Independent living for all: renewing social care through a rights-based approach
Colin Slasberg and Peter Beresford

Social work in Latin America: historical factors, memory and international connections
Marilda Villela Iamamoto, Cláudia Mônica dos Santos, et al.

Post-pandemic: moving on from ‘child protection’
Brid Featherstone, Anna Gupta and Kate Morris

See also: Volume 7, Number 3, November 2019 
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