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Editors' Choice

The following Critical and Radical Social Work Editors' Choice articles are free to access until 31 July 2020:

Marx: alienation, commodity fetishism and the world of contemporary social work
Authors: Lavalette, Michael & Ferguson, Iain

Marxism, class and women's oppression
Author: German, Lindsey

Revolutionary social work: promoting sustainable justice
Author: Kamali, Masoud & Jönsson, Jessica H.

Black History Month: a provocation and a timeline
Author: Williams, Charlotte & Bernard, Claudia

The radical turn of Portuguese social work during the democratic transition (1974–76)
Author: Silva, Pedro Gabriel

Technicist education: paving the way for the rise of the social work robots?
Author: Morley, Christine; Ablett, Philip & Stenhouse, Kate

See also: Volume 6, Number 3, November 2018 our free sample issue. 


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