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Editors' Choice

The following Critical and Radical Social Work Editors' Choice articles are free to access until 31 January 2019:

Emancipatory social work and social intervention: contributions from Argentinian social work
Authors: Martínez, Silvana; Agüero, Juan

From psycho-politics to mad studies: learning from the legacy of Peter Sedgwick
Author: Beresford, Peter

Social work in the teeth of a gale: a resilient counter-discourse in neoliberal times
Author: Hyslop, Ian Kelvin

The impact of neoliberal market relations of the production of care on the quantity and quality of support for people with learning disabilities
Author: Humber, Lee Anderson

Child sexual abuse, moral panics and emancipatory practice
Author: Pilgrim, David

Frantz Fanon's radical psychiatry: the making of a revolutionary
Author: Zeilig, Leo Isaac

See also: Volume 4, Number 3, November 2016 'Psycho Politics in the Twenty-First Century' Guest Editors: Rich Moth, Helen Spandler, Mick McKeown and Joe Greener, our free sample issue. 


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