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The following Evidence & Policy Editors' Choice articles are free to access until 31 October 2019:

Reflections on the Researcher-in-Residence model co-producing knowledge for action in an Integrated Care Organisation: a mixed methods case study using an impact survey and field notes
Authors: Gradinger, Felix; Elston, Julian; Asthana, Sheena; Martin, Susan; Byng, Richard

'The idea of having Researchers-in-Residence is increasingly popular but how does this model work to achieve impact and what are the challenges? This mixed methods case study provides important insights for anyone considering using this approach to achieve impact.'

Evidence-based social service in Sweden: a long and winding road from policy to local practice 
Author: Johansson, Kerstin

'Is evidence-based governance succeeding new public management (NPM) approaches to policy? This empirical study of Swedish social services argues that it is but in partial ways and that, despite this, researchers, professionals, and clients have only limited influence over future knowledge development within social services.'

Evidence-informed policymaking and policy innovation in a low-income country: does policy network structure matter? 
Authors: Shearer, Jessica C; Lavis, John; Abelson, Julia; Walt, Gill; Dion, Michelle

'This article contributes to the growing body of work using social network analysis (SNA) tools and concepts in order to explain policy outcomes. It analyses the effect of network structure on the use of research evidence for three health policy networks in Burkina Faso, a low-income West African country, and finds that heterogeneous networks are more likely to be exposed to new ideas, and thus to use research evidence and adopt innovative policies.'

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