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The following Evidence & Policy Editors' Choice articles are free to access until 31 January 2020:

Deep experiential knowledge: reflections from mutual aid groups for evidence-based practice
Authors: Noorani, Tehseen; Karlsson, Magnus; Borkman, Thomasina

'Different views about the status of experiential knowledge challenge decision-making across public systems. This Research article examines how Mutual Aid Groups can be much more than fora for simply sharing individual values and preferences, instead moving towards acting as communities of problem-solvers within a health system.'

What can feminist theory offer policy implementation challenges?
Authors:  Carey, Gemma; Dickinson, Helen; Olney, Sue

'Policy implementation is a complex process that requires close attention to issues of power, yet the interdisciplinary field of knowledge use pays infrequent attention to existing perspectives. In this Debate article, the case is made for post-structural feminist perspectives’ potential contribution to understanding policy implementation.'

Practical reflections on combining workshops and mentorships to build capacity in demand and use of evidence in government organisations
Authors: Stewart, Ruth; Wildeman, Russell; Jordaan, Sunet; Erasmus, Yvonne; Langer, Laurenz; Maluwa, Louis; Tannous, Natalie; Mitchell, Janine

'Critically reflecting on practice is a valuable source of knowledge about evidence use and how to improve it, as demonstrated in this Practice article about a three-year programme to support decision makers’ capacity to use evidence in South Africa and Malawi.'

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