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These three articles remind us to note the decisive role of politics and political systems in the relationship between evidence use and policy change.

The following Evidence & Policy Editors' Choice articles are free to access until 31 October 2020:

Bridging the research‐policy gap: the importance of effective identity leadership and shared commitment 
Authors: Frank Mols, Jennifer Bell, and Brian Head

This article warns researchers against the assumption that more contact between researchers and policymakers will build more trust and agreement. Rather, such cooperation may require leaders who make sure that a shared identity or shared values are at the heart of new partnerships.

The strategic uses of evidence in UK e-cigarettes policy debates
Authors: Benjamin Hawkins and Stefanie Ettelt

This article shows that the phrase 'evidence based' is often a rhetorical or political tool to frame and win an argument. Opponents in acrimonious debate may both claim that they have the evidence on their side.

Explaining variation in evidence-based policy making in the American states
Authors: Dylan L. Yingling and Daniel J. Mallinson
Find out more about this article on the London School of Economics blog.

This article identifies high variations in the use of evidence across US states, according to the role of 'political parties, institutions, and policy context'. It emphasises the importance of tying an evidence-based case for policy change to 'electoral incentives'.

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