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Evidence & Policy's 2018 impact factors are: 2.000 (2yr) and 2.163 (5yr), ranked 22nd out of 104 in Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary. Congratulations to all the authors whose work contributed to this result!

The top cited articles published in Evidence & Policy in 2017 and 2018 are (and are free to access until 31 January 2020):

Mobilising knowledge in complex health systems: a call to action
Authors: Bev J. Holmes, Allan Best, Huw Davies, David Hunter, Michael P. Kelly, Martin Marshall, Joanne Rycroft-Malone

The ‘good governance’ of evidence in health policy
Authors: Benjamin Hawkins, Justin Parkhurst

Policy-relevant systematic reviews to strengthen health system: models and mechanisms to support their production
Authors: Sandra Oliver, Kelly Dickson

Why, whose, what and how? A framework for knowledge mobilisers
Author: Vicky Ward

The politics of co-production: risks, limits and pollution
Authors: Matthew Flinders, Matthew Wood, Malaika Cunningham

Generating ‘good enough’ evidence for co-production
Authors: Catherine Durose, Catherine Needham, Catherine Mangan, James Rees

Evidence-based best practice is more political than it looks: a case study of the ‘Scottish Approach’
Author: Paul Cairney

Design and formative evaluation of the Policy Liaison Initiative: a long-term knowledge translation strategy to encourage and support the use of Cochrane systematic reviews for informing health policy
Authors: Sue E. Brennan, Miranda Cumpston, Marie L. Misso, Steve McDonald, Matthew J. Murphy, Sally E. Green

The use of evidence in public debates in the media: the case of Swiss direct-democratic campaigns in the health policy sector
Author: Iris Stucki

Policy change for the social determinants of health: the strange irrelevance of social epidemiology
Authors: Bradley R. Crammond, Gemma Carey

The organisation of local mental health services in Norway: evidence, uncertainty and policy
Authors: Helge Ramsdal, Gunnar Vold Hansen

Missing in action? The role of the knowledge mobilisation literature in developing knowledge mobilisation practices
Authors: Alison Powell, Huw Davies, Sandra Nutley

Collaborative research partnerships for knowledge mobilisation
Author: Hilary Edelstein

Implementation of a tool to enhance evidence-informed decision making in public health: identifying barriers and facilitating factors
Authors: Iris van der Heide, Maaike van der Noordt, Karin I. Proper, Casper Schoemaker, Matthijs, Heleen H. Hamberg-van Reenen

Research translation strategies to improve the readability of workplace health promotion resources
Authors: Alison Wallace, Nerida Joss

Enhancing evidence-informed decision making: strategies for engagement between public health faculty and policymakers in Kenya
Authors: Nasreen Jessani, Caitlin Kennedy, Sara Bennett

Factors that impact how civil society intermediaries perceive evidence
Author: William L. Allen

Detecting the use of evidence in a meta-policy
Authors: Tommaso Castellani, Adriana Valente, Liliana Cori, Fabrizio Bianchi

Supporting evidence-based policy on biodiversity and ecosystem services: recommendations for effective policy briefs
Authors: Estelle V. Balian, Liza Drius, Hilde Eggermont, Barbara Livoreil, Marie Vanderwalle, Sofie Vandewoestjine, Heidi Wittmer, Juliette Young

Concepts and practices for the democratisation of knowledge generation in research partnerships for sustainable development
Authors: Cordula Ott, Boniface Kiteme

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