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Highly cited articles

Evidence & Policy's 2017 impact factors are: 1.127 (2yr) and 1.771 (5yr). Congratulations to all the authors whose work contributed to this result!

The top cited articles published in Evidence & Policy in 2016 and 2017 are:

Policy-relevant systematic reviews to strengthen health systems: models and mechanisms to support their production
Authors: Oliver, Sandra; Dickson, Kelly

The 'good governance' of evidence in health policy
Authors: Hawkins, Benjamin; Parkhurst, Justin

Design and formative evaluation of the Policy Liaison Initiative: a long-term knowledge translation strategy to encourage and support the use of Cochrane systematic reviews for informing health policy
Authors: Brennan, Sue E.; Cumpston, Miranda; Misso, Marie L.; McDonald, Steve; Murphy, Matthew J.; Green, Sally E.

Mobilising knowledge in complex health systems: a call to action
Authors: Holmes, Bev J.; Best, Allan; Davies, Huw; Hunter, David; Kelly, Michael P.; Marshall, Martin; Rycroft-Malone, Joanne

Generating 'good enough' evidence for co-production
Authors: Durose, Catherine; Needham, Catherine; Mangan, Catherine; Rees, James

Rapid reviews in health policy: a study of intended use in the New South Wales' Evidence Check programme
Authors: Moore, Gabriel Mary; Redman, Sally; Turner, Tari; Haines, Mary

The politics of co-production: risks, limits and pollution
Authors: Flinders, Matthew; Wood, Matthew; Cunningham, Malaika

Missing in action? The role of the knowledge mobilisation literature in developing knowledge mobilisation practices
Authors: Powell, Alison; Davies, Huw; Nutley, Sandra

The role of the Sheffield model on the minimum unit pricing of alcohol debate: the importance of a rhetorical perspective
Authors: Katikireddi, Srinivasa Vittal; Hilton, Shona; Bond, Lyndal

Evaluation of a knowledge translation and exchange platform to advance non-communicable disease prevention
Authors: Pettman, Tahna Lee; Armstrong, Rebecca; Waters, Elizabeth; Allender, Steven; Love, Penelope; Gill, Tim; Coveney, John; Boylan, Sinead; Booth, Sue; Bolton, Kristy; Swinburn, Boyd

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