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Highly cited articles

Evidence & Policy achieved an Impact Factor of 1.836 in the 2020 Journal Citation Reports. To celebrate the achievements of our authors we have created a free collection of highly cited articles. This collection features papers which have contributed to our 2020 Impact Factor and more recent papers we feel will promote the journal's future impact.

All the articles below are free to access until 31 August 2021:
2020 Journal Citation Report's highest cited articles

Reflections on the Researcher-in-Residence model co-producing knowledge for action in an Integrated Care Organisation: a mixed methods case study using an impact survey and field notes [Open Access]
Felix Gradinger et al.

Deep experiential knowledge: reflections from mutual aid groups for evidence-based practice
Tehseen Noorani, Magnus Karlsson and Thomasina Borkman

Co-creative approaches to knowledge production: what next for bridging the research to practice gap? [Open Access]
Allison Metz, Annette Boaz and Glenn Robert

Building trust and sharing power for co-creation in Aboriginal health research: a stakeholder interview study [Open Access]
Simone Louise Sherriff, Hilary Miller et al.

Building the concept of research impact literacy
Julie Elizabeth Bayley and David Phipps

A recipe for impact? Exploring knowledge requirements in the UK Parliament and beyond
Marc Geddes, Katharine Dommett and Brenton Prosser

EKLIPSE: engaging knowledge holders and networks for evidence-informed European policy on biodiversity and ecosystem services [Open Access]
Allan Watt, Gill Ainsworth et al. 

What can feminist theory offer policy implementation challenges?
Gemma Carey, Helen Dickinson and Sue Olney


Ones to watch 

Key issues in co-creation with stakeholders when research problems are complex [Open Access]
Gabriele Bammer

Rethinking knowledge translation for public health policy [Open Access]
Patrick Fafard and Steven J. Hoffman