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The top 5 most read papers published in Evidence & Policy in 2019 were:

Free to access until 29 February 2020

Co-creative approaches to knowledge production: what next for bridging the research to practice gap? [Open Access]
Authors: Allison Metz, Annette Boaz and Glenn Robert

Key issues in co-creation with stakeholders when research problems are complex [Open Access]
Author: Gabriele Bammer

Drawing straight lines along blurred boundaries: Qualitative research, patient and public involvement in medical research, co-production and co-design [Open Access]
Authors: Louise Locock and Annette Boaz

Rethinking knowledge translation for public health policy [Open Access]
Authors: Patrick Fafard and Steven J Hoffman

Towards a heart and soul for co-creative research practice: a systemic approach [Open Access]
Authors: Graeme Nicholas, Jeff Foote, Kirsten Kainz, Gerald Midgley, Katrin Prager and Cristina Zurbriggen

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