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The top 10 most read papers published in Evidence & Policy in 2018 were:

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Rethinking knowledge translation for public health policy
Authors: Fafard, Patrick; Hoffman, Steven J

Pathways to policy impact: a new approach for planning and evidencing research impact
Authors: Reed, Mark S.; Bryce, Rosalind; Machen, Ruth

Understanding evidence use within education policy: a policy narrative perspective
Authors: Rickinson, Mark; Walsh, Lucas; de Bruin, Kate; Hall, Matthew

Evidence-informed policymaking and policy innovation in a low-income country: does policy network structure matter?
Authors: Shearer, Jessica C; Lavis, John; Abelson, Julia; Walt, Gill; Dion, Michelle

Relationships between public health faculty and decision makers at four governmental levels: a social network analysis
Authors: Jessani, Nasreen S; Babcock, Carly; Siddiqi, Sameer; Davey-Rothwell, Melissa; Ho, Shirley; Holtgrave, David R

Overlaying structure and frames in policy networks to enable effective boundary spanning
Authors: de Leeuw, Evelyne; Browne, Jennifer; Gleeson, Deborah

Creating and implementing local health and wellbeing policy: networks, interactions and collective knowledge creation amongst public sector managers
Authors: Ward, Vicky; Smith, Simon; Keen, Justin; West, Robert; House, Allan

Networks, advocacy and evidence in public health policymaking: insights from case studies of European Union smoke-free and English health inequalities policy debates
Authors: Smith, Katherine E; Weishaar, Heide

Brokering research in science education policy implementation: the case of a professional association
Authors: Hopkins, Megan; Wiley, Kathryn E; Penuel, William R; Farrell, Caitlin C

The use of research in public health policy: a systematic review
Authors: Masood, Sara; Kothari, Anita; Regan, Sandra