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The many faces of disability in evidence for policy and practice

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The many faces of disability in evidence for policy and practice: embracing complexity
Carol Rivas, Ikuko Tomomatsu, and David Gough 

Research articles 
How useful are equality indicators? The expressive function of ‘stat imperfecta’ in disability rights advocacy
Mark Priestley and Stefanos Grammenos

Drawing hidden figures of disability: youth and adults with disabilities in Canada
Michael J. Prince

Using evidence in shaping disability policy in Romania: the case of sheltered workshops
Claudia Petrescu and Mihaela Lambru 

Exploring a non-universal understanding of waged work and its consequences: sketching out employment activation for people with an intellectual disability
Kim Dearing

Evidence, objectivity and welfare reform: a qualitative study of disability benefit assessments
Tom Porter, Charlotte Pearson, and Nick Watson 

Ignoring evidence, producing inequities: public policies, disability and the case of Kaiowá and Guarani Indigenous children with disabilities in Brazil
Rayanne de Sales Lima, Andréa Borghi Moreira Jacinto, and Rodrigo Arthuso Arantes Faria 

Disability and family violence prevention: a case study on participation in evidence making
Sally Robinson, Kylie Valentine and Jan Idle 

A sociological treatment exploring the medical model in relation to the neurodiversity movement with reference to policy and practice
Emily L. Casanova and Cheryl J. Widman 

Why is lived experience important for market stewardship? A proposed framework for why and how lived experience should be included in stewarding disability markets
Ariella Meltzer et al. 

Taking a policy process approach to illuminate the political nature of disability policymaking
Leanne Giordono

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