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Editors' Choice

The following Families, Relationships and Societies Editors' Choice articles are free to access until 31 January 2019:

Social assets, low income and child social, emotional and behavioural wellbeing
Author: Treanor, Morag

Freedom and foreclosure: Intimate consequences for asexual identities
Authors: Dawson, Matt; Scott, Susie; McDonnell, Liz

‘Celebrating diverse motherhood’: Physically disabled women’s counter-narratives to their stigmatised identity as mothers
Authors: Lappeteläinen, Anita; Sevón, Eija; Vehkakoski, Tanja

Researching violence with children: experiences and lessons from the UK and South Africa
Authors: Radford, Lorraine; Lombard, Nancy; Meinck, Franziska; Katz, Emma; Mahati, Stanford Taonatose

'If this isn't for my children, who is it for?' Exploring experiences of structural violence among migrant mothers who sell sex in Johannesburg
Author: Walker, Rebecca Jane

The rise and rise of prevention science in UK family welfare: surveillance gets under the skin
Author: White, Sue; Wastell, David 

See also: Volume 5, Number 3, November 2016 'Families, Relationships and the Environment: Climate Change, Sustainability and Biodiversity' Edited by Lynn Jamieson, our free sample issue.

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