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Families, Relationships and Societies' 2017 impact factors are: 0.754 (2yr) and 0.870 (5yr). Congratulations to the authors whose work contributed to this result!

The top cited articles published in Families, Relationships and Societies in 2016 and 2017 are:

'Realising the (troubled) family', 'crafting the neoliberal state'
Author: Crossley, Stephen

Poverty and child neglect - the elephant in the room?
Author: Gupta, Anna

The experience of co-residence: young adults returning to the parental home after graduation in England
Authors: Lewis, Jane; West, Anne; Roberts, Jonathan; Noden, Philip

I know I'm a good mum - no one can tell me different. Young mothers negotiating a stigmatised identity through time
Author: Wenham, Aniela

House, home and transforming energy in a cold climate
Authors: Webb, Janette; Hawkey, David; McCrone, David; Tingey, Margaret

Giving poverty a voice: families' experiences of social work practice in a risk-averse child protection system
Authors: Gupta, Anna; Blumhardt, Hannah

Relationality, entangled practices and psychosocial exploration of intergenerational dynamics in sustainable energy studies
Authors: Henwood, Karen; Groves, Chris; Shirani, Fiona

Living together in a sexually exclusive relationship: an enduring, pervasive ideal?
Author: Lampard, Richard

Telling different stories about poverty, inequality, child abuse and neglect
Author: Featherstone, Brid

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