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Highly cited articles

Families, Relationships and Societies achieved an impact factor of 0.759 in the 2020 Journal Citation Reports. To celebrate the achievements of our authors we have created a free collection of highly cited articles. This collection features papers which have contributed to our 2020 Impact Factor and more recent papers we feel will promote the journal's future impact.

The articles are free to access until 31 December 2021. 

2020 Journal Citation Report's highest cited articles

Let's stop feeding the risk monster: towards a social model of 'child protection'
Brid Featherstone et al.

Migrant mothers: performing kin work and belonging across private and public boundaries
Tracey Reynolds, Umut Erel and Erene Kaptani

Relationships and boundaries between provider and recipient families following embryo adoption
Eric Blyth, Steve Lui and Lucy Frith

How do young people 'do' family where there is a diagnosis of dementia? [Open Access]
Mel Hall and Pat Sikes

People try and police your behaviour': the impact of surveillance on mothers and grandmothers' perceptions and experiences of infant feeding [Open Access]
Aimee Grant, Dawn Mannay and Ruby Marzella

The personal life of Facebook: managing friendships with social media
Verónica Policarpo

Ones to watch

Revisiting the use of 'counselling' as a means of preparing prospective parents to meet the emerging psychosocial needs of families that have used gamete donation
Marilyn Crawshaw and Ken Daniels

Parallels and ruptures in the neoliberal intensive parenting regime
Val Gillies

Adult-child relations in neoliberal times: insights from a dialogue across childhood and parenting culture studies
Rachel Rosen and Charlotte Faircloth

Who gets custody of the friends? Online narratives of changes in friendship networks following relationship breakdown
Gaëlle Aeby and Jenny van Hooff

Resisting the commodification of intimate life? Paternal love, emotional bordering and narratives of ambivalent family consumerism from Scottish and Romanian fathers
Alexandra Macht

Helicopter parenting and female university students' anxiety: does parents' gender matter?
Hayley Love et al. 

Enemies, allies or citizens? The subject positions of men in the making of birth leave for fathers in Israel
Nadav Perez-Vaisvidovsky