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The top 10 most read papers published in Families, Relationships and Societies in 2018 were: 

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Neither a professional nor a friend: The liminalspaces of parents and volunteers in family support
Authors: Fisher, Jenny; Lawthom, Rebecca; Mitchell-Smith, Zinnia; O’Neill, Teresa; McLaughlin, Hugh

Who gets custody of the friends? Online narratives of changes in friendship networks following relationship breakdown
Authors: Aeby, Gaëlle; van Hooff, Jenny

Migrant mothers: Performing kin work and belonging across private and public boundaries
Authors: Reynolds, Tracey; Erel, Umut; Kaptani, Erene

Author: Dermott-Bond, Olga

Displaying good fathering through the construction of physical activity as intimate practice
Authors: Earley, Victoria; Fairbrother, Hannah; Curtis, Penny

The personal life of Facebook: managing friendships with social media
Author: Policarpo, Verónica

Migrant mothers: Kin work and cultural work in making future citizens
Authors: Reynolds, Tracey; Erel, Umut

The home project'
Author: Bevan, Sue

There is no shelter/home without woman Haween la'aani waa hoy la'aan (A Somali proverb)
Author: Carver, Natasha

Migrant mothers and the burden of care: reflections from Johannesburg
Author: Walker, Rebecca