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Inclusion and Innovation in Public Policy 

Enjoy free access to this collection of free articles on the topic of Inclusion and Innovation in Public Policy. This collection explores co-creation, service user expertise and intersectional practice.

The collection is free to access for the rest of 2021 and includes over 30 articles from Evidence & Policy, Families, Relationships and Societies and Policy & Politics.

Policy & Politics

From the special issue Strategic management of the transition to public sector co-creation
Guest edited by Jacob Torfing, Ewan Ferlie, Tina Jukić and Edoardo Ongaro

More from Policy & Politics 

Designing environments for experimentation, learning and innovation in public policy and governance [Open Access]

Maurits Waardenburg, Martijn Groenleer and Jorrit De Jong

Measuring and assessing the effects of collaborative innovation in crime prevention

Jacob Torfing, Andreas Hagedorn Krogh and Anders Ejrnæs

Political innovation, digitalisation and public participation in party politics

Lisa Schmidthuber, Dennis Hilgers and Maximilian Rapp

Evidence & Policy

Families, Relationships and Societies