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Call for papers

Call for Papers for a Themed Issue on:

Domestic Violence: New Developments in Policy and Practice in Europe

Guest Editors: Marceline Naudi, University of Malta and Lorraine RadfordUniversity of Central Lancashire, UK

Background to the call

The Journal of Gender Based Violence is a multidisciplinary international journal, positioned to attract high quality contributions on gender-based violence from around the world. It has a wide focus, covering all gender-based violence, not just men’s violence against women and girls. The journal also recognises the intersection of gender with other identities and power relations, including ethnicity, sexuality and economic status. It showcases work across disciplinary and topic boundaries, and discusses policy, law, theory, practice and activism. In addition, the journal publishes work regarding perpetrators and of the social structures, inequalities and gender norms through which GBV is produced and sustained, as well as including the voices of victims of gender-based violence.

This Special Issue of the Journal covers the theme Domestic Violence: New Developments in Policy and Practice in Europe. It is inspired by new thinking, policy and practice in European countries, within and outside of the EU, and by the IInd European Conference on Domestic Violence, at the University of Porto, Portugal. Feminist activists, practitioners, researchers and policy makers across Europe face similar challenges and opportunities in thinking about, responding to and implementing strategies to end gender-based violence, including domestic violence.

Themes covered in this Issue will include:

  • Developments in feminist thinking and activism: understanding the complexity of the issues to be addressed for ending domestic violence across the European context, looking at the structural factors that impact on these such as political, social and economic challenges including austerity, inequality, migration, gender issues and intersectionality
  • Improving the practical response to and care of survivors of domestic violence within the changing policy landscape, promoting effective working with adults and/or young people who experience violence in their intimate relationships and improving the quality and effectiveness of work with perpetrators of violence.

The Special Issue of the Journal will bring together articles and other contributions from researchers, activists and practitioners to critically assess these developments and their impact.

Call for contributions

Articles and other contributions are invited for the Themed Issue which will examine how adults and young people have been affected, positively or negatively, by these developments across different European contexts. The editors aim to include: 

Information for contributors

Articles: Authors wishing to publish an article in the Themed Issue on Domestic Violence: New Developments in Policy and Practice in Europe should submit an extended abstract (600 words) setting out their topic and methods and describing the argument of their article or the questions it will explore. Draft articles already in preparation may also be submitted at this stage. Research-based articles will be selected for publication in JGBV on the basis of double blind peer-review of their academic quality and contribution to knowledge.

Within JGBV’s Themed Issue on Domestic Violence: New Developments in Policy and Practice in Europe, articles will be grouped under coherent sub-themes. Possible examples are indicated here, although others may be considered.

Sub-themes for articles may include:

  • Looking backwards and forwards, what we have learnt from research and activism in Europe
  • Working with intersectionality and diversity
  • Contemporary challenges and opportunities for services

The Themed Issue will also include an editorial article by guest editors Marceline Naudi and Lorraine Radford.

The Policy and Practice and Open Space sections of the JGBV

Contributions for these sections of the Themed Issue of JGBV are also invited. Further information about these sections is available from the Journal’s Instructions for Authors.

Deadlines and submission arrangements

  • For articles, extended abstracts (600 words) should be sent to jgbv.editorial@gmail.com by 1 December 2017. (Those submitting abstracts will be notified of the editors’ decision to invite submission of their full article by 8th January 2018.)
  • Within two weeks of notification, contributors whose abstracts are accepted must confirm their intention to submit a full article.
  • Authors should then submit their completed article for peer review by 1 June 2018, presenting this in conformity with JGBV house style, via the online JGBV Editorial Manager site at: http://www.editorialmanager.com/jgbv/default.aspx.
  • JGBV aims to publish its Themed Issue on Domestic Violence: New Developments in Policy and Practice in Europe in JGBV June 2019.

Additional information for contributors

The Guest Editors will manage the process of:

  • Initially considering papers.
  • Identifying reviewers and sending papers out for peer review, in consultation with JGBV editors, using the journal’s ‘Editorial Manager’ system.
  • Communicating reviewers’ comments to the authors.
  • Deciding whether revised papers need to be reviewed again.
  • Making a provisional decision to accept or reject.

Contributors should note:

The Editors of JGBV will aim to publish the Themed Issue in 2019, but potential contributors should note that JGBV’s Editors may decide to:

  • Run the Themed Issue in a later issue than originally planned.
  • Accept only some of the papers and put them instead in a themed section of another issue of JGBV, which also includes other papers.
  • Accept only one or two papers and present them as regular contributions to the journal.
  • Determine that none of the papers meets the quality standards or targeted content of the journal

Dr Marceline Naudi and Professor Lorraine Radford

Guest Editors of the themed issue

Email: jgbv.editorial@gmail.com