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The top 10 most read articles published in the Journal of Gender-Based Violence in 2018 were:

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Using restorative justice approaches to police domestic violence and abuse
Authors: Westmarland, Nicole; McGlynn, Clare; Humphreys, Clarissa

Sexual re-victimisation of adolescent girls in institutional care with a history of sexual violence in childhood: empirical results and conclusions for prevention
Authors: Kavemann, Barbara; Helfferich, Cornelia; Kindler, Heinz; Nagel, Bianca

Do I score points if I say no?: Negotiating sexual boundaries in a changing normative landscape
Authors: Cense, Marianne; Bay-Cheng, Laina; Dijk, Lieke van

Home game': domestic abuse and football
Authors: Brooks-Hay, Oona; Lombard, Nancy

Reframing agency in abusive contexts: beyond 'free choice' and 'open resistance'
Author: Mirza, Nughmana

Stop asking me what about men?
Author: Eaton, Jessica

Sexual violence while studying abroad: a critical, collagist personal testimony
Author: Lee, Deborah A

Vulnerable bodily integrity: under-recognised sexual violence among girls in residential care institutions
Authors: Parkkila, Helena; Heikkinen, Mervi

Interpersonal violence and abuse in young peoples relationships in five European countries: online and offline normalisation of heteronormativity
Authors: Aghtaie, Nadia; Larkins, Cath; Barter, Christine; Stanley, Nicky; Wood, Marsha; Øverlien, Carolina

Gender-based violence in EU sport policy: overview and recommendations
Authors: Lang, Melanie; Mergaert, Lut; Arnaut, Catarina; Vertommen, Tine