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Editors' Choice

The following Journal of Poverty and Social Justice Editors' Choice articles are free to access until 31 January 2020:

Social protection for the self-employed in the UK: the disappearing contributions increase
Author: Bennett, Fran

Extreme child poverty and the role of social policy in the United States
Authors: Parolin, Zachary; Brady, David
Winner of the 2018 Best Paper Prize of the Foundation for International Studies onSocial Security (FISS) sponsored by the Journal of Poverty and Social Justice

Children in jobless households across Europe: evidence on the association with medium- and long-term outcomes
Authors: Macmillan, Lindsey; Gregg, Paul; Jerrim, John; Shure, Nikki

Taking stock of the ambiguous role of foodbanks in the fight against poverty
Author: Ghys, Tuur

Basic income and a public job offer: complementary policies to reduce poverty and unemployment
Authors: FitzRoy, Felix; Jin, Jim

Social exclusion factors influencing life satisfaction among older adults
Authors: Lee, Joonyup; Cagle, John G

See also: Volume 26, Number 3, October 2018 our free sample issue.

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