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The latest Editor’s choice selection covers three Articles examining the impact of wider, long-term policies and trends on poverty. The first looks at the impact of the neoliberal housing policy of increased marketisation and less government on vulnerable households in England. The second examines the tightening of welfare systems in relation to the introduction of mandatory work programmes in the Netherlands and the extent to which it infringes, or not, the right to work. And the third delves into why poverty is increasingly discussed as a problem that can have medical or psychological causes, examining the contribution articles on poverty published between 1956 and 2017 might have made to this trend. All three are based on solid research and provide important insights into these questions.

The following Journal of Poverty and Social Justice Editors' Choice articles are free to access until 31 October 2021:

Out of area housing by local authorities in England: displacement of vulnerable households in a neoliberal housing crisis
Steve Iafrati

Disrespect or dignity? Experiences of mandatory work participants in the Netherlands from the perspective of the right to work
Anja Eleveld

Medicalisation and psychologisation of poverty? An analysis of the scientific poverty discourse from 1956 to 2017
Stephan Krayter and Nadine Reibling

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