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Highly cited articles

The Journal of Poverty and Social Justice achieved its first ever Impact Factor of 0.952 in the 2019 Journal Citation Reports. To celebrate the achievements of our authors we have created a free collection of highly cited articles. This collection features papers which have contributed to our 2019 Impact Factor and more recent papers we feel will promote our journals future impact.

All of the articles below are free to access until 31 August:

2019 Journal Citation Report's highest cited articles
Welfare conditionality, benefit sanctions and homelessness in the UK: ending the 'something for nothing culture' or punishing the poor?
Kesia Reeve

The potential of child support to reduce lone mother poverty: comparing population survey data in Australia and the UK
Christine Skinner, Kay Cook and Sarah Sinclair

Benefits conditionality for disabled people: stylised facts from a review of international evidence and practice [Open Access]
Ben Baumberg Geiger

Food as a discretionary item: the impact of welfare payment changes on low-income single mother's food choices and strategies
Hayley Jane McKenzie and Fiona H. Mckay

The Minimum Income Standard as a benchmark of a 'participatory social minimum'
Abigail Davis, Donald Hirsch and Matt Padley

Children in jobless households across Europe: evidence on the association with medium- and long-term outcomes
Lindsey Macmillan, Paul Gregg, John Jerrim and Nikki Shure

Ones to watch 
Monitoring progress towards sustainable development: multidimensional child poverty in the European Union
Yekaterina Chzhen, Zlata Bruckauf and Emilia Toczydlowska

Is there evidence of households making a heat or eat trade off in the UK?
Carolyn Snell, Hannah Lambie-Mumford and Harriet Thomson

Basic income: confusion, claims and choices
David Piachaud

The solo self-employed person and intrinsic financial security: does the promotion of self-employment institutionalise dualisation?
Mia Tammelin

Consensus or dissensus? Analysing people's perceptions of the necessities of life in Finland
Lauri Mäkinen

Leaving no one behind? Reaching the informal sector, poor people and marginalised groups with Social Health Protection
Claude Meyer, David Evans et al.

Gender, ethnicity and activism: 'the miracle is when we don't give up...'
Anna  Daróczi, Angela Kocze et al.

EU policy and Roma integration (2010-14)
László Andor