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The top 10 most read papers published in Journal of Poverty and Social Justice in 2018 were:

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An agenda for fixing the social security/welfare benefits system
Authors: Batty, Sarah; Orton, Michael

Monitoring progress towards sustainable development: multidimensional child poverty in the European Union
Authors: Chzhen, Yekaterina; Bruckauf, Zlata; Toczydlowska, Emilia

Is there evidence of households making a heat or eat trade off in the UK?
Authors: Snell, Carolyn; Lambie-Mumford, Hannah; Thomson, Harriet

How do children and their families experience food poverty according to UK newspaper media 200615?
Authors: Knight, Abigail; Brannen, Julia; O’Connell, Rebecca; Hamilton, Laura

Taking stock of the ambiguous role of foodbanks in the fight against poverty
Author: Ghys, Tuur

Twenty years post US welfare reform and state family caps aka child exclusion: an overdue assessment
Authors: Romero, Diana; Agénor, Madina

Children in jobless households across Europe: evidence on the association with medium- and long-term outcomes
Authors: Macmillan, Lindsey; Gregg, Paul; Jerrim, John; Shure, Nikki

Basic income: confusion, claims and choices
Author: Piachaud, David

Basic income and a public job offer: complementary policies to reduce poverty and unemployment
Authors: FitzRoy, Felix; Jin, Jim

EU policy and Roma integration (2010–14)
Author: Andor, László