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The top 10 most read papers published in Policy & Politics in 2018 were:

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The impact of management consultants on public service efficiency
Authors: Kirkpatrick, Ian; Sturdy, Andrew J; Alvarado, Nuria Reguera; Blanco-Oliver, Antonio; Veronesi, Gianluca

Narratives as tools for influencing policy change
Authors: Crow, Deserai; Jones, Michael

Practical lessons from policy theories
Authors: Weible, Christopher M; Cairney, Paul

Three habits of successful policy entrepreneurs
Author: Cairney, Paul

The lessons of policy learning: types, triggers, hindrances and pathologies
Authors: Dunlop, Claire A; Radaelli, Claudio M

Why advocacy coalitions matter and practical insights about them
Authors: Weible, Christopher M; Ingold, Karin

Policy design and the added-value of the institutional analysis development framework
Authors: Heikkila, Tanya; Andersson, Krister

Drawing practical lessons from punctuated equilibrium theory
Authors: Koski, Chris; Workman, Samuel

Practical prescriptions for governing fragmented governments
Authors: Swann, William L; Kim, Seo Young

Using cultural theory to navigate the policy process
Author: Simmons, Richard