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Policy & Politics announces new editorial team 

Policy & Politics,
a top ten journal in public policy, is delighted to announce a new editorial team from January 2021. The new team, who will co-lead the journal, comprises Dr Oscar Berglund (University of Bristol, UK), Professor Claire Dunlop (University of Exeter, UK) and Professor Chris Weible (University of Colorado, US). 

New Editorial Team

Dr Oscar Berglund 

University of Bristol, UK

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Professor Claire Dunlop

University of Exeter, UK

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Professor Christopher M. Weible

University of Colorado, US

Asked about their vision for the next chapter of Policy & Politics, the new editors said: 

“Policy & Politics is a world-leading journal that provides the primary outlet for scholars and practitioners to surmount the most pressing challenges inhibiting the continued advancement in the study of public policy and its practice. These challenges span the globe and link communities in a common struggle for the realisation and sustaining of human dignity and quality of life for all.  


We seek to continue the traditions of Policy & Politics in strengthening its place as a top journal in the study of public policy and its practices.  We plan to operate this journal by three guiding principles: (1) inclusive coverage of public policy, politics and social issues from around the world; (2) a diversity in research approaches that includes multi-epistemological, -ontological, and -methodological orientations; and (3) a receptivity to scholarship for both science and practice.   


We are honoured to have been selected as the new co-editors of Policy & Politics and thank the Management Board for their support of our vision. In entrusting the editorship of Policy Press’s longest established journal to us, the Board is demonstrating its commitment to promoting a wider range of global voices and scholarship in the journal and the disciplines it serves.” 

About the Editors

Oscar Berglund is a Lecturer in International Public and Social Policy at the School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol. His research and teaching are within the areas of global and urban political economy, policy and politics of climate change, and social movements. 

Email: Oscar.Berglund@bristol.ac.uk 


Claire A. Dunlop is a Professor of Politics at the University of Exeter. She researches and teaches on science and politics, regulation, policy processes and EU public policy. From 2020-2023, Claire is Vice Chair of the UK Political Studies Association (PSA). 

Email: c.a.dunlop@exeter.ac.uk 


Christopher M. Weible is a Professor at the School of Public Affairs at the University of Colorado.  His research and teaching interests focus on policy processes, policy analysis, environmental politics, and collaborative governance.    

Email: Chris.Weible@ucdenver.edu 


The journal and new editorial team would like to thank the outgoing co-editors, Professor Sarah Ayres, Professor Steve Martin and Dr Felicity Matthews, and Professor Diane Stone as Consultant Editor for all their hard work, focus and tenacity in globalising the content, readership, and reach of the journal.