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Editors' Choice

The following Voluntary Sector Review Editors' Choice articles are free to access until 31 January 2020:

Beyond universalistic motivations: towards an adolescent volunteer functions inventory
Authors: Katz, Hagai; Sasson, Uzi

Selling volunteering or developing volunteers? Approaches to promoting sports volunteering
Authors: Nichols, Geoff; Hogg, Eddy; Knight, Caroline; Storr, Ryan

Why do people use food banks? A qualitative study of food bank users in an English city
Authors: Wainwright, David; Buckingham, Alan; Wainwright, Elaine

Understanding the impact of volunteering on pro-environmental behavioural change
Authors: Seymour, Valentine; King, Mike; Antonaci, Roberta

'It's just houses': the role of community space in a new housing development in the digital era
Authors: Jacklin-Jarvis, Carol; Cole, Marion

Incivility and the use of systems thinking to promote healthy voluntary organisations
Authors: Phillips, Janet M.; Stalter, Ann; Brodhead, Josette; Scardaville, Debra; Ruggiero, Jeanne; Wiggs, Carol; Winegardner, Sherri; Provencio, Robyn

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