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Key Themes in Policing

SERIES EDITORS: Megan O’Neill, Senior Lecturer in Human Geography and Chair of the British Society of Criminology Policing Network, University of Dundee, UK, Marisa Silvestri, Reader in Criminology at the University of Kent, UK and Stephen Tong, Head of School for Law, Social & Behavioural Sciences, Kingston University, UK.

Editorial advisory board:
Paul Quinton, College of Policing, UK
Nick Fyfe, University of Dundee, UK
Jennifer Brown, London School of Economics, UK
Charlotte E. Gill, George Mason University, US

Key Themes in Policing is a series that is designed to fill a growing need for titles which reflect the importance of incorporating ‘research informed-policing’ and engaging with evidence-based policing within Higher Education curricula. It will reflect upon the changing landscape of contemporary policing as it becomes more politicised, professionalised and scrutinised, and draw out both change and continuities in its themes.

For students, researchers and practitioners of policing and criminal justice, it is important to understand how recurring issues are impacting on the police and policing bodies, the criminal justice system and society more widely. Books in this series will support policing and criminal justice programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level, by providing a comprehensive analysis of the research-based evidence available and reflect contemporary challenges in policing and related criminal justice, in light of such issues as police reform and conditions of austerity.

“I really like this concise series of books on key issues in policing and criminal justice. They offer great up-to-date introductions to the policies and academic debates.” Anna Barker, University of Leeds

Please click for the proposal guidelines here and the series rationale here.

Contact regarding proposals

If you would like to submit a proposal, or to discuss ideas, then please contact Megan O’Neill: m.oneill@dundee.ac.uk, Tel: +44 (0)1382 381238, Marisa Silvestri: M.Silvestri@kent.ac.uk, Tel +44 (0)1227 827437 or Stephen Tong: S.Tong@kingston.ac.uk.

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