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Learning for life

The foundations for lifelong learning

By David H. Hargreaves


Jun 23, 2004

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Policy Press
Learning for life

Working within the spirit of David Blunkett's visionary foreword to The learning age: A new renaissance for Britain, David H. Hargreaves' radical analysis challenges the myth that lifelong learning can or should be separated - in any sense - from school education. It asks the critical question: what changes in thinking, policy and practice are needed for the culture and process of lifelong learning, as visualised by David Blunkett, to become a reality?

Starting with a clear, unequivocal statement that "whether people are motivated to learn beyond the end of compulsory education, and have the capacity to do so, depends very much on what happens to them during the school years", the author explores ways in which policy and practice at school level will need to change in order to meet the crucial challenge of sparking and sustaining a person's motivation and capacity to learn throughout life.

"This book is perceptive, readable and practical. Above all it is encouraging. It should be read." Centre for Supporting Comprehensive Schooling, University of Leicester (CSCS) Journal

"There are plenty of interesting and worthwhile ideas inside its covers which could stimulate and maybe redirect teaching practice for lifelong learning." Education Today

"Accessible to general readers and a model of concision." Adults Learning

"... an easy read given the serious nature of the topic... While the chapter on advice and guidance will be of most interest to readers of this journal, the book is an excellent background commentary to the recently published proposals for reforming the 14-19 phase of education, and the current debate on the provision of advice and guidance for young people." Newscheck

"David Hargreaves has filled in one of the major gaps in our thinking by setting out with enviable force and clarity what the foundations for Lifelong Learning should be. For too many people, Lifelong Learning begins at 16 but unless schools construct for all students a strong platform for Lifelong Learning, employers, universities and FE colleges will have nothing on which to build. David Hargreaves lists the esssential skills that schools must encourage in all their students. His book deserves to become a bestseller." Frank Coffield, Institute of Education, University of London

"... an intellectually powerful, relevant and accessible perspective on the changes that are needed if the English education system is to equip and motivate individuals to meet the challenges of living in the 21st century and beyond." Christopher Brookes, The Lifelong Learning Foundation

David H. Hargreaves is a Fellow of Wolfson College, Cambridge.

Contents: Introduction; Curriculum; Assessment; Pedagogy; Advice and guidance; Information, communication and learning technologies; School design; Innovation; The teaching profession; Leadership; Firm foundations.

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