Policy Press

Life in Britain

Using Millennial Census data to understand poverty, inequality and place

By Ben Wheeler, Mary Shaw, Richard Mitchell and Danny Dorling


Sep 1, 2005

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80 pages




297 x 210 mm


Policy Press
Life in Britain

This lively, colourful and innovative pack has been designed specifically for use as a teaching aid and learning resource for students of geography, sociology, social policy and related social science disciplines. With new evidence about the nature of social and geographical divisions in British society, it is also an invaluable resource for policy makers and local authority professionals in areas such as planning, education, housing, poverty and social exclusion.

The topics selected are central to themes covered both at undergraduate and A-level and focus on the differences between areas within the UK, highlighting the spatial inequalities and gaps in service provision that the census data have revealed.

The pack contains a range of valuable learning materials, including:

A summary sheet (A4, 2 pages)

10 short reports (A4, 8 pages each):

5 full colour A2 posters (photos, text and maps depicting life in contemporary Britain and focusing on housing, poverty, employment, education and health)

A technical report (giving the background to the project and details of the analyses)

"If academic subjects were hung on a Christmas tree, geography would be the star on top and Life in Britain the box of delights below." BMJ

"Brilliant! I like the style and the content, which dissects and interprets census data in a way that provides bite-sized chunks ideal for students. The clear layout conveys a wealth of information in an accessible format." Sharon Wright, Department of Applied Social Science, University of Stirling

Ben Wheeler is Research Fellow in the Department of Geography, University of Sheffield. Mary Shaw is Reader in Medical Sociology in the Department of Social Medicine, University of Bristol. Richard Mitchell is Research Fellow in the Research Unit in Health, Behaviour and Change, University of Edinburgh Medical School. Danny Dorling is Professor of Human Geography at the University of Sheffield.

Summary sheet + 5 A3 posters + technical report +

10 reports:

A place in the sun

Changing rooms

Doctors and nurses

Home front

Open all hours

Sickness and health

Sons and daughters


The office

Top gear