Policy Press

Lone parents, employment and social policy

Cross-national comparisons

Edited by Jane Millar and Karen Rowlingson


Nov 7, 2001

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320 pages




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Policy Press
Lone parents, employment and social policy

Policy makers across the world are confronting issues relating to lone parents and employment, with many governments seeking to increase the participation of lone parents in the labour market.

This book is based on an up-to-date analysis of provisions within particular countries, examining whether and how policies support and encourage employment, and drawing out policy lessons. The countries examined are the UK, USA, Australia, France, the Netherlands and Norway. Unlike other studies which have considered this issue, this book includes both country-specific chapters and makes thematic comparisons across countries. Chapters are written by leading experts on lone parenthood in each country.

Lone parents, employment and social policy is essential reading for students in social policy, sociology, human geography, gender and women's studies, as well as policy makers and practitioners in the field of lone parents and employment. It will be of interest to those who want to know more about these policy developments but also to those interested in broader issues about gender and welfare states.

"... contains a wealth of information as well as interesting insights." Journal of Social Policy

"This book offers valuable analyses and broader issues of policy changes that have recently taken place in the studied countries." International Journal of Social Welfare

"This book stands as a model not only for the substantive analysis of policies that affect lone parents, but as an example of the way in which the best international social policy research should be conducted." Nick Manning, School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Nottingham

"Lone parents, employment and social policy will make a significant contribution to this area of policy, as well as to the field of comparative social policy." Sue Morris, School of Public Administration and Law, Robert Gordon University, Scotland

Jane Millar is a Professor of Social Policy at the University of Bath, UK. She is one of the leading academics in this field and has written extensively on the subject of lone parenthood, poverty and gender.

Karen Rowlingson is a Lecturer in Social Research at the University of Bath, UK and has published books on lone parenthood, social security policy in Britain, and family poverty.

Contents: Foreword: Lone parents: the UK policy context Ruth Lister; Comparing employment policies for lone parents cross-nationally: an introduction Jane Millar and Karen Rowlingson; Part One: Policies within specific countries: Helping British lone parents get and keep paid work Alan Marsh; Welfare reform and lone mothers' employment in the US Jane Waldfogel, Sandra K. Danziger, Sheldon Danziger and Kristin S. Seefeldt; Lone parents and employment in Australia Peter Whiteford; Lone parents and employment in Norway Anne Skevik; Does it work? Employment policies for lone parents in the Netherlands Trudie Knijn and Frits van Wel; Lone parents, employment and social policy in France: lessons from a family friendly policy Christine Chambaz and Claude Martin; Part Two: Cross-cutting themes: Orientations to work and the issue of care Jane Lewis; The social, economic and demographic profile of lone parents Karen Rowlingson; Work-related activity requirements and labour market programmes for lone parents Jane Millar; Making work pay policies for lone parents Majella Kilkey and Jonathan Bradshaw; Lone mothers, employment and childcare Hilary Land; Conclusions: Supporting employment: emerging policy and practice Karen Rowlingson and Jane Millar.