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Making it work

The keys to success for young people living independently

By Jamie Harding


Jun 16, 2004

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Policy Press
Making it work

Recent government legislation requires local authorities to provide secure accommodation for unintentionally homeless 16- and 17-year-olds. Many local authority housing departments are therefore facing the challenge of how to adequately support this group of young people for the first time.

Making it work outlines the debates and developments leading up to the recent policy changes; reports on the first research into the factors affecting the success of young people's tenancies; examines the varied experiences of young people housed by local authorities; provides a framework for objectively evaluating the success of such tenancies and highlights good practice for supporting young people in independent housing. Making it work is essential reading for professionals in local authority housing departments and nominated RSLs, as well as for students on professional housing courses and academics interested in housing policies, responses to homelessness and issues for young people.

"... clearly and concisely wriiten and will be a useful resource for policy makers, housing professionals and those providing support and advice to young tenants, as well as to students and academics interested in housing policies and responses to homeless young people." Housing Studies

"... provides an excellent opportunity to revisit the evidence that informs the policymaking affecting young people." Young People Now

"Harding has made a bold contribution to current debates on routes out of homelessness and the role of structure and agency in shaping the lives of young people living independently. There is plenty of food for thought for those in policy, practice and research, seeking to improve the effectiveness of responses to youth homelessness." Dr Isobel Anderson, Housing Policy and Practice Unit, University of Stirling

Jamie Harding is a Senior Lecturer in Housing at the School of the Built Environment, Northumbria University, UK.

Young people in independent tenancies: an issue that must be faced; Central government policy: from 'perverse incentives' to social exclusion; Young people's experience of independent tenancies; The local authority dilemma and the impact of services; Policy implications for central and local government; Young people in independent tenancies: what is the problem?

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