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Migrants and Their Money

Surviving Financial Exclusion

By Kavita Datta


Apr 18, 2012

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240 pages




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Policy Press
Migrants and Their Money

This original and topical book tells the untold stories of migrants' experiences of, and responses to, financial exclusion in London. Breaking important new ground, it offers an insight into migrants' lives which is often overlooked, yet is increasingly vital for their broader integration into advanced financialised societies.

Adopting a holistic focus, Migrants and their Money investigates migrants' complex financial lives which extend far beyond remittance sending, exploring their banking, saving, credit and debt related practices. It highlights how migrants negotiate the complex financial landscape they encounter and the diverse formal and informal ways in which they manage their money in the financial capital of the world. Drawing upon a rich evidence base, this book will be of particular interest to academics, local authorities, policy makers and the financial services industry.

“The book will be required reading for both academics and policy makers ... and it should provide an admirable model for

other researchers wanting to undertake comparative analyses.” International Migration Review

"a thorough and comprehensive consideration of one aspect of what to most academics and researchers are the subterranean lives of migrant workers...it's rich in data on the everyday survival of migrant workers...Datta's book and the research on which it is based are both incredibly 'rigorous' and comprehensive" James Grayson, Independent Researcher

"In a research field usually populated by financial centres and elite intermediaries, here at last is a much needed analysis of the financial lives and geographies of low paid migrants in London." Jane Pollard, University of Newcastle

Kavita Datta is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Geography, Queen Mary University of London. She has extensive research experience in transnational migration, finance and gender and has conducted research in both the Global North and South.

Migrants, money and exclusion; Changing financial landscapes: public policy responses to financial exclusion in the UK; Mapping migrants' financial lives in London; Strategising for banking inclusion; Coping with savings and credit exclusion: alternative practices of reciprocity and trust; Transnational money: the formalisation of migrant remittances; Looking forward: from exclusion to inclusion and back?