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Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements and Youth Justice

Edited by Kerry Baker and Alex Sutherland


Feb 11, 2009

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152 pages

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Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements and Youth Justice

Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) are now one of the central features of government policy in the UK for managing the risk presented by violent and sexual offenders. Although there has been research and debate concerning the use of MAPPA with adult offenders, their application to young people has received relatively little attention until now. 

Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements & Youth Justice extends the existing literature on public protection. It provides a detailed exploration of MAPPA policy and practice in order to prompt further debate about the implications of the risk paradigm for young people and youth justice practitioners.

In the book, key academics, practitioners and policy makers consider a range of theoretical and practical issues raised by the introduction of MAPPA including risk and children's rights, the use of professional discretion by practitioners, alternative approaches to risk management and suggestions for future policy development. It will be of interest to both professionals and academics working with young offenders and in youth justice.

"This well structured, short text provides an excellent introduction to the complex issues of risk, rights and young people and, in so doing, makes an important contribution to understanding wider issues of risk in a contemporary context." British Journal of Social Work, Vol 39: 5, July 2009

Kerry Baker is a researcher at the Centre for Criminology, University of Oxford and also a consultant to the Youth Justice Board for England & Wales on topics such as assessment, risk management and public protection.

Alex Sutherland was a researcher at the Centre for Criminology, University of Oxford between 2001-07. He worked on a range of evaluation and research projects and most recently completed a study examining the role of MAPPA in youth justice.

Contents: Introduction ~ Alex Sutherland and Kerry Baker; Setting the scene: risk, welfare and rights ~ Sarah Jones and Kerry Baker; MAPPA: learning the lessons for young offenders~ Hazel Kemshall and Jason Wood; YOTs & MAPPA: past problems, current challenges and future prospects ~ Alex Sutherland; Promoting public protection in youth justice: challenges for policy and practice ~ David Monk; Young people, serious offending and managing risk: a Scottish perspective ~ Fergus McNeill; MAPPA as 'risk in action': discretion and decision making ~ Kerry Baker; MAPPA for kids: discourses of security, risk and children's rights ~ Noel Whitty; Conclusion ~ Kerry Baker and Alex Sutherland.