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New policies for older workers

By Philip Taylor


Dec 18, 2002

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Policy Press
New policies for older workers

Against a background of population ageing, policy makers in the majority of industrialised countries are developing policies aimed at extending working life and promoting the benefits of employing older workers. This report reviews developments in several countries and offers recommendations for public policy.

Based on a review of recent literature and interviews with experts in Australia, Finland, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands and the USA, this report will be invaluable reading for policy makers, practitioners and campaigners.

Transitions after 50 series

People are living longer, yet increasingly are leaving working life well before the state retirement age. The Joseph Rowntree Fountain programme, Transitions after 50, explores people's experiences, decisions and constraints as they pass from active labour market participation in their middle years towards a new identity in later life. Reports in this series look in particular at issues about work, income and activities beyond work during this period of transition.

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Contents: Introduction; Population ageing and older workers in the case study countries; Public policies for older workers; Retirement policies; Age discrimination; Employment and training programmes; Support to employers; Discussion and implications for public policy.

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