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Older people and the law

By Ann McDonald and Margaret Taylor


Nov 1, 2006

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184 pages


2nd Edition

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Policy Press
Older people and the law

The book is a much-needed revised and updated edition of Elders and the law (PEPAR Publications, 1993). It describes the legal framework for working with older people following the National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990 and the modernising agenda in health and social care.

Covering broadly the same ground as the first edition, the length has been considerably expanded to enable topics to be dealt with more comprehensively. It covers the range of legal issues affecting the welfare and financial security of older people in the community and residential settings, and emphasises the empowering nature of legal knowledge. It also describes and explains the application of law and policy relating to older people in the context of social work practice.

Written by a social worker and a lawyer, the book highlights the opportunities for interprofessional working and combines professional perspectives on:

· providing health and social care services in the community;

· housing needs and entering residential care;

· dealing with financial matters;

· end of life issues.

Older people and the law is aimed at all professionals working with older people, but particularly social workers. Its clarity of style means that older people themselves and carers will find it accessible.

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"I would highly recommend this book as an 'in-filler' to all law students south of the River Tweed whose studies include the management of the elderly as a peripheral interest - and it should be widely available in doctors' surgeries and consulting rooms." Scolag Legal Journal

"It is very well written and the blend of policy and law makes for easy and stimulating reading ... the clarity of style adopted means that older people themselves and their carers will also find it accessible ... this book should be part of any caring professional's toolkit." Journal of Adult Protection

"This book is a much-desired follow-up to an earlier, smaller handbook ... it will be useful to social workers professionally but also in respect of family and friends, and their own advance planning." Professional Social Work

"This book is accessible and covers a wide range of subjects pertinent to the everyday issues that social workers are likely to come up against ... it is an accessible guide to the complexities of social work as it develops to meet the changing social and political landscape." CareKnowledge

"Older People and the Law in its second edition is an important and timely reminder that changing demographics have considerable impact throughout every corner of society. Our ageing population is increasingly diverse and may face discrimination from the workplace through to the health and social care sector. The range of legal issues impacting on the lives of older people is wide. This book successfully draws together these diverse strands, and demonstrates both the limits of our current legal framework and the opportunities it presents for older people and their advocates." Michael Lake CBE, Director General, Help the Aged.

Ann McDonald is Senior Lecturer in Social Work at the University of East Anglia, Norwich and has a particular interest in the relationship between law and social work. Margaret Taylor is a partner in the firm of Ward Gethin (Solicitors) King's Lynn, and is a member of the Law Society.

Contents: Introduction; Social care in the community; Health care needs; Housing and residential care; Finance and business affairs; Death and family provision; Conclusion.

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