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Bringing Home the Housing Crisis

Politics, Precarity and Domicide in Austerity London

Often portrayed as an apolitical space, this book demonstrates that home is in fact a highly political concept. This book explores the legislative changes dismantling vulnerable groups’ rights to decent and affordable housing.

Policy Press

Housing and Life Course Dynamics

Changing Lives, Places and Inequalities

Deepening inequalities and wider processes of demographic, economic and social change are altering how people across the Global North move between homes and neighbourhoods over the lifespan. This book presents a life course framework for understanding how the changing dynamics of people’s lives influence their residential experiences.

Policy Press

Inhabitation in Nature

Houses, People and Practices

Rejecting the assumption that housing and cities are separate from nature, David Clapham advances a new research framework that integrates housing with the rest of the natural world. Demonstrating the impact of housing on the non-human environment, the book considers the future direction of inhabitation policies on climate change and biodiversity.

Policy Press

Infrastructuring Urban Futures

Networks, Power, Transformation

Focusing on material and social forms of infrastructure, this edited collection focuses on cities across the global North and South. Considering public health crises and climate change, the book argues that paying attention to infrastructures’ past, present and future allows us to understand and respond to the current urban condition.

Bristol Uni Press

Contesting Airport Expansion

Depoliticisation, Technologies of Government and Post-Aviation Futures

This book analyses airport expansion and aviation as a policy problem to illuminate wider debates about policy analysis and examines the role of expert commissions in seeking to depoliticisation of ongoing controversies.

Policy Press

It’s Not Where You Live, It's How You Live

Class and Gender Struggles in a Dublin Estate

This ground-breaking and compelling book shows in fine detail the life struggles of those who live on a public housing estate in Dublin. Combining long-term research into residents’ lived experience with critical realist theory, it provides a completely fresh perspective on public housing in Ireland and arguably, beyond.

Policy Press

Rural Poverty Today

Experiences of Social Exclusion in Rural Britain

Many people living in rural areas face hardship but the UK’s welfare system is poorly adapted to meet their needs, with the COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit and cutbacks exacerbating pressures. This book combines person-based and place-based approaches to tackling rural poverty.

Policy Press

What Town Planners Do

Exploring Planning Practices and the Public Interest through Workplace Ethnographies

Presenting the complexities of doing planning work, with its moral and practical dilemmas, this rich ethnographic study analyses today’s planning scene through the stories of four diverse working environments.

Policy Press

Stay Home

Housing and Home in the UK during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically exposed weaknesses in UK housing, with housing inequality contributing to the unequal impact of the disease. Becky Tunstall assesses the position of housing in public policy and health, and the most immediate responses to the pandemic in one convenient resource for students, scholars and practitioners.

Policy Press

Inside Retirement Housing

Designing, Developing and Sustaining Later Lifestyles

Through stories and visual vignettes, it presents a range of stakeholders involved in the design, construction, management and habitation of third-age housing in the UK, to highlight the importance of design decisions for the everyday lives of older people.

Policy Press

Social Housing, Wellbeing and Welfare

Bridging housing studies and social policy, this book analyses competing interpretations of the role and value of social housing in the UK.

The author provides new research on the relationship between housing and wellbeing, and challenges the pervasive policy and social consensus that owner-occupation is the ‘natural’ choice of aspiring people.

Policy Press

Inside High-Rise Housing

Securing Home in Vertical Cities

As cities sprawl skywards and private renting expands, this compelling geographic analysis of property identifies high-rise development’s overlooked hand in social segregation and urban fragmentation, and raises bold questions about the condominium’s prospects.

Bristol Uni Press