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Policy for a change

Local labour market analysis and gender equality

Edited by Sue Yeandle


Nov 26, 2008

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Policy Press
Policy for a change

Why is it so difficult to turn girls' success at school into success in the labour market? How does detailed evidence about women's engagement with local labour markets affect the 'preference theory' debate? Why is part-time employment such a popular but economically damaging choice for women? What barriers still limit women's horizons and narrow their aspirations?

Using a new and original approach, this illuminating book explores women's employment at the start of the 21st century, in particular identifying aspects of women's labour market situation which remain poorly understood and challenging much 'received wisdom' about women and work. The contributors examine pervasive myths about women in employment which have influenced policy and explore a number of theoretical puzzles and problems which persist despite attempts to tackle them.

"Policy for a change" will be essential reading for professionals, employers and trade unions working in human resources, regeneration, equalities and diversity, anti-poverty, skills and training, as well as for researchers, teachers and students in sociology, social and public policy, labour market economics, urban studies and management.

"This is a significant and absorbing book, reporting on an important research programme about women's position in the labour market in England." Goretti Horgan, Journal of Social Policy

"This fascinating and scholarly book reports on an amazing achievement. Rich material illuminates the diversity of women's situations and offers a wealth of insights into the factors that prevent women realising their full potential in their working lives." Harriet Bradley, Professor of Sociology, University of Bristol

"Written in a highly accessible way, and using a rich mixture of quantitative and qualitative data, this book debunks many of the myths about women's employment." Jacqueline Scott, Professor of Empirical Sociology, University of Cambridge

Bradley's testimonial in reviews

Sue Yeandle is Professor of Sociology in the School of Sociology and Social Policy, and Co-Director of CIRCLE (Centre for International Research on Care, Labour and Equalities) at the University of Leeds.

Introduction ~ Sue Yeandle; Local labour markets in public policy context ~ Sue Yeandle, Cinnamon Bennett, Lisa Buckner, Karen Escott and Linda Grant; Women's labour market situation: myths, puzzles and problems ~ Sue Yeandle, Cinnamon Bennett, Lisa Buckner, Karen Escott and Linda Grant; Segregation and clustering in the labour market: men, women and local level analysis ~ Lisa Buckner; Discrimination and disadvantage in local labour markets: issues affecting Black and minority ethnic women ~ Sue Yeandle and Lisa Buckner; Accessing the labour market ~ Karen Escott; Job design and working hours: key sources of gender inequality ~ Linda Grant; Tough at the top: women's career progression, an example in the local government sector ~ Cinnamon Bennett and Ning Tang; Policy for a change ~ Sue Yeandle.