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Public policy analysis

By Michael Hill, Peter Knoepfel, Corinne Larrue and Frederic Varone


1 Mar 2011

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21 Feb 2007

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Public policy analysis

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This book is an English version of a successful text* on public policy analysis originally written for policy practitioners in Switzerland and France. It presents a model for the analysis of public policy and includes examples of its application in everyday political-administrative situations. This English version introduces supplementary illustrations and examples from the United Kingdom.

Structured and written accessibly for readers who may not have an academic background in the social sciences, Public Policy Analysis applies key ideas from sociology, political science, administrative science and law to develop an analytical framework that can be used to carry out empirical studies on different public policies.

British scholars, practitioners and students are introduced all too rarely to ideas from the Francophone world, and this book will contribute to remedying that. It will be particularly relevant for students and practitioners of public administration.

"...I would particularly recommend this book to students and practitioners involved in policy evaluation..."

"What this book does exceptionally well, whilst remaining theoretically neutral, is present an analytically and conceptually sophisticated account of public policy. It has the potential to be used to teach and to inform high-quality research." Social Policy, Vol 37:3, 2008

"This book makes a major contribution to the literature. The approach it takes offers new and important insights for students of public policy and policy analysis. It deserves to be marked 'essential' and 'highly recommended' in any reading list in the field." Wayne Parsons, Professor of Public Policy, Queen Mary, University of


"This is a very comprehensive text on the analysis of the policy process, enabling students to consider how they might approach analysis at each stage of the rational cycle of activities." A. Thompson, Univeristy of Edinburgh.

Peter Knoepfel is Professor of Public Policy and Sustainable Development at the Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration at the University of Lausanne leading a master's programme for Swiss civil servants.

Corinne Larrue is a Professor at the University of Tours, France.

Frédéric Varone is a Professor at the University of Geneva leading a master's programme in public managment.

Michael Hill is Emeritus Professor of the University of Newcastle and is a Visiting Professor teaching policy analysis to graduate students at Queen Mary College, University of London.

*Original title: Analyse et pilotage des politiques publiques, Zürich, Verlag Rüegger 2006, ISBN 9783725308330.

Part one: The theoretical framework:

The theoretical perspectives on policy analysis;

Part two: The key to the analysis:

Public policy;

Policy actors;

Policy resources;

The institutional rules;

Part three: The analysis model:

The analysis model;

Political agenda setting;

Policy programming;

Policy implementation;

Evaluating policy effects;

Research and working hypotheses;