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Rediscovering mixed-use streets

The contribution of local high streets to sustainable communities

By Peter Jones, Marion Roberts and Linda Morris


Apr 25, 2007

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Policy Press
Rediscovering mixed-use streets

Local urban high streets have frequently suffered from neglect in comparison to town centres and out-of-town retail. Yet they have the potential to meet contemporary policy aspirations with regard to sustainability, social inclusion and place making.

Rediscovering mixed-use streets is the first in-depth investigation of local mixed-use high streets. Drawing on case-studies in three different locations in England, the report provides a wealth of data and findings produced from a variety of sources, both quantitative and qualitative. In particular, the report offers a comprehensive view of local high streets, from the point of view of transport, local residents, visitors, businesses and practitioners; provides a series of suggestions for their improvement and demonstrates how local high streets belong to future sustainable communities.

Providing a significant contribution to current interest in mobility, urban design and social inclusion, the findings have particular relevance for 'Sustainable Communities', 'Cleaner, Safer, Greener', and 'Place Matters' policies. The study will be of interest to policy makers and practitioners involved in the making and managing of streets and those with an interest in regeneration.

Peter Jones is Professor of Transport and Sustainable Development at University College London. Marion Roberts is Professor of Urban Design at the University of Westminster, where Linda Morris was recently a Research Fellow.

Introduction; Study objectives and methods; What do mixed-use streets offer users? How are mixed-use streets used? What do users think about mixed-use streets as places? Issues confronting mixed-use streets; Mixed-use local high streets: a key component of sustainable urban communities.