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Reinventing social solidarity across Europe

Edited by Marion Ellison


Oct 26, 2011

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Policy Press
Reinventing social solidarity across Europe

As Europe's public realms face upheaval, this is the first book to identify how social solidarity is being reinvented from below and redefined from above. Interdisciplinary transnational approaches provide new insights into the relationship between national and transnational social solidarity across Europe.Valuable to students, policy makers and scholars, it reveals social solidarity as the defining pillar of European integration, bringing a greater dimension and integrity beyond democracy across nation states.

"This is a vital contribution to debates about the contested character of social solidarity within and across Europe. In the face of economic crisis and new dynamics of social inequality and exclusion, this important collection examines the prospects, problems and paradoxes of reconstructing solidarity." John Clarke, Professor of Social Policy, The Open University

Marion Ellison is Director of HOPES European Research Network and lectures in Social and Public Policy at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. She has provided research on governance, policy and practice for looked after children for governments in Europe.

Introduction: Social solidarity in Europe: the fourth pillar ~ Marion Ellison; The concept of solidarity in the European integration discourse ~ Józef Niżnik; Solidarity at the margins of European society: linking the European social model to local conditions and solidarities ~ Tomáš Sirovátka and Petr Mareš; Towards a globalisation of solidarity? ~ Menno Fenger and Kees van Paridon; Contested terrains and emerging solidarities within child care law, policy and practice in Europe ~ Marion Ellison; Embedding European identity in context: changing social solidarities in Europe ~ Jim Barry, Elisabeth Berg and John Chandler; Intra-European energy solidarity at the core of the European integration process: future possibilities and current constraints ~ Annamária Orbán and Zoltán Szántó; Social solidarities and immigration integration policies in South-Eastern Europe ~ Anna Krasteva; Normative power Europe: a tool for advancing social solidarity within and beyond Europe ~ Andy Storey; Social solidarity in post-socialist countries ~ Damir Josipovič; Trade unions, NGOs and social solidarity in Romania ~ Cristina Stanus; Social solidarity and preferences on welfare institutions across Europe ~ Béla Janky; Social solidarity, human rights and Roma: unequal access to basic resources in Central and Eastern Europe ~ Richard Filcak and Daniel Skobla; Conclusion: the future of social solidarity in an enlarged Europe: key issues and research questions ~ Marion Ellison.

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