Researching and Writing Differently

By Ilaria Boncori


Dec 1, 2022

Page count

200 pages




234 x 156 mm


Policy Press


Dec 1, 2022

Page count

200 pages




234 x 156 mm


Policy Press
Researching and Writing Differently

In a neoliberal academia dominated by masculine ideals of measurement and performance, it is becoming more important than ever to develop alternative ways of researching and writing.

This powerful new book gives voice to non-conforming narratives, suggesting innovative, messy and nuanced ways of organizing the reading and writing of scholarship in management and organization studies. In doing so it spotlights how different methods and approaches can represent voices of inequality and reveal previously silenced topics.

Informed by feminist and critical perspectives, this will be an invaluable resource for current and future scholars in management and organization studies and other social sciences.

Ilaria Boncori is Professor of Management and Marketing at the University of Essex.



Part 1: Researching and Writing Differently today

1. The contemporary neoliberal academic context

Neoliberal academia

Masculine structures and metrics

Challenging the status quo

2. Researching and writing differently as a political and feminist project

Feminism today

Black feminism

Queer feminism

Feminism in Management and Organization Studies

Why researching and writing differently now

Part 2: Daring to research and write differently

3. Researching and writing differently

What is Writing Differently?

Intersectional approaches

Interdisciplinary approaches

4. Exploring key themes in writing differently

Time and movement



Vulnerability, risk and exposure in researching and writing differently

Part 3: Researching and writing differently: methods and processes

5. Qualitative inquiry

Qualitative approaches to understanding organizations

Ethnographic approaches

Organizational Aesthetics and arts-based methods

Poetic and narrative inquiry

Visual and performative methods

Feminist approaches in researching and writing practices

Feminist approaches to data

Feminist approaches to citation

6. Practical implications of researching and writing differently

Embracing failure and creating caring spaces

Communities of belonging and collective scholarship

Researching and Writing Differently collaboratively

Researching differently for doctoral students

Publishing in journals, books and edited volumes

Concluding remarks