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Schools and area regeneration

By Deanne Crowther, Colleen Cummings, Alan Dyson and Alan Millward


Oct 1, 2003

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Policy Press
Schools and area regeneration

There is growing interest in the role schools can play in contributing to area regeneration. Schools serving disadvantaged areas are encouraged to be outward looking, to engage with families and communities and to coordinate their efforts with those of other agencies. At the same time, however, schools are required to maintain a relentless focus on their 'core business' of teaching and learning in order to drive up pupils' attainments.

This report explores the ways in which schools serving two economically and socially disadvantaged urban areas have attempted to resolve this dilemma. It focuses on the relationship between the schools and their respective communities and on outcomes in terms of individual and community development.

"... an honest account of the impact schools can have on their local communities. Its carefully constructed and thoughtful blend of background and contextual information, detailed research findings and recommendations for future policy and practice means there is something in it for a wide range of audiences." Children & Society

The study was undertaken by members of the Special Needs Research Centre at the University of Newcastle. The Centre specialises in research on issues of educational and social inclusion and many of its members have taught in urban school. Deanne Crowther and Colleen Cummings were research associates in the Centre. Alan Dyson and Alan Millward were Professor and Reader in Special Needs Education respectively. Alan Dyson is now Professor of Education in the University of Manchester.

Contents: Executive summary; Schools and area regeneration: some policy dilemmas; The case studies; Conceptualising the role of schools in regeneration; What worked - and what did not; Towards a coherent approach.

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