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Sexual issues in social work

By Steve Myers and Judith Milner


Apr 4, 2007

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200 pages

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Policy Press
Sexual issues in social work

Social workers and social care practitioners are increasingly required to engage directly with matters relating to sex and sexuality in their everyday work. Policies and guidance on how to approach these sensitive areas are emerging.

This book provides busy practitioners with a ready reference for the day-to-day problems that they are likely to face in key areas of engagement, such as promoting sexual health, preventing sexual violence, working with those subjected to sexual abuse, and engaging with the complexities of contemporary sexualities. The book:

· reviews current policy in each area;

· outlines the relevant guidance;

· and provides links to further reading and other helpful sources of information.

Concise but comprehensive, practical and accessible, the book is realistic in terms of what services practitioners can provide.

"Sexual issues in social work" is essential reading for anyone who works with others where sex and sexuality have become part of the practice concerns.

"It explores how a "heteronormative" outlook affects our services to a wide range of people who do not fit within the heterosexual norm. ... The content is intriguing, challenging and thought provoking. It should appeal to people who remember that they came into social work to do more than tick boxes. The advice given and direction promoted is persuasive and refreshing. ... the authors's intention is to help to develop the skills and knowledge that social workers need to intervene in sexual matters confidently and effectively. They do that brilliantly. " Community Care

"Steve Myers and Judith Milner have wide experience in this challenging field. Their book is a well-presented account of their ideas on a number of important topics which are often neglected in main-stream social work texts, lucidly and helpfully discussing many of the current conflicts." Dr Alasdair J Macdonald, Consultant Psychiatrist, Research Coordinator European Brief Therapy Association and author of 'Solution-focused Therapy:Theory, Research and Practice'

"Sexual Issues and Social Work is an interesting and accessibly written introduction to a very important and neglected topic. Its practice focus is a particular strength, making it relevant to students and practitioners alike." Professor Brid Featherstone, Department of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Bradford

Steve Myers is Director of the Salford Centre for Social Work Research at the University of Salford. He has worked with children who have sexually harmful behaviours for several years and is involved in research and writing about this.

Judith Milner is an Independent Counsellor and Trainer and was formerly a Lecturer in Social Work. She has been involved in direct practice with people where sex has been a particular difficulty in a variety of settings, including child protection and counselling.

Introduction; Part one: Making sense of sex and sexuality: Sex, sexuality and the body; Sex, sexuality and society; Sex, sexuality and social policies; Part two: Sexual well-being: Sexual health; Developing sexual well-being in children and young people; Developing sexual well-being in adults in vulnerable situations; Part three: Sexual violence: Working with victims; Traditional practices in working with offenders; Newer practices in working with offenders; Conclusion.