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Social work and people with dementia

Partnerships, practice and persistence

By Mary Marshall and Margaret-Anne Tibbs


Nov 8, 2006

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256 pages


2nd Edition

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Policy Press
Social work and people with dementia

Current community care policies and increasing numbers of older people needing assistance mean that all social workers must be up-to-date in their knowledge, skills and attitudes towards people with dementia and their carers. This book, written by experienced social workers, provides guidance on best practice in a readable and jargon-free style.

Working with dementia:

· looks at medical, social and citizenship approaches, thus providing the very latest thinking in the field;

· covers a wide range of issues, including often-neglected areas such as sexuality and the design of the built environment;

· provides contextual information about the old and new cultures of care; and

· discusses skills such as communication and practical assistance.

This book is essential reading for social work and social care students, social workers undertaking CPD, and social and care workers transferring to dementia care from other fields.

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" ... the text is accessible and easy to read. The use of quotations and case studies are very helpful and practitioners and students should appreciate and learn from these. ... [the book] is especially helpful in promoting and developing partnerships and relationships with people with dementia and their families." Community Care

"... chock full of simple yet powerful case examples, is written in an engaging and accessible style, and touches on important areas often not covered in social work practice handbooks..." Dementia Journal, Vol 7: 3, 2008

"This book would be useful for anyone who works with and cares for a person experiencing dementia or for those in a supervisory role with workers who provide this care. Whilst being thorough and reflective in their analysis of the past and present-day services for people with dementia, the writers retain a healthy focus on practical everyday issues." British Journal of Social Work, Vol 37 (6), Sept 2007

"A practical and thoughtful text - just what we have been waiting for in social work education." Geraldine Graham, University of Bradford

"There has always been a shortage of material which gives enough attention to social work with people with dementia and this book fills an important gap. Mary Marshall and Margaret Anne Tibbs provide a comprehensive overview covering such diverse areas as the rise of the new culture of dementia care, the potential role for new technology and policy and legislative changes such as the Mental Capacity Act 2005. I particularly liked the chapter on communication which goes to the heart of creating partnerships with people with dementia and their families. Other sections, such as the care environment and diagnosis, will be invaluable for social workers practising in the changing world of health and social care provision." Jo Moriarty, King's College London, UK

Mary Marshall has recently retired as director of the Dementia Services Development Centre at the University of Stirling. She is the author of numerous books on work with older people and older people with dementia

Margaret-Anne Tibbs was a specialist social worker with dementia in Bedfordshire. She is author of Social Work and Dementia (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2001) and is now a freelance consultant/trainer in dementia care.

Contents: Introduction; Part 1: The new culture of dementia care: Introduction; Old culture; New culture; Part 2: The context: Introduction; Demographics; What is dementia?; Policy and legal context; Part 3: The experience of dementia: Introduction; Personhood; Physical health; The way the person is treated by others; Continuum of mistreatment through malig. social psychology to abuse; Behaviour with others find difficult; Emotional needs; Dilemmas; Citizenship; Part 4: Communication: Introduction; Communicating with people with dementia; Communicating with carers; Communicating with colleagues; Communicating with the public; Part 5: Obtaining practical help: Introduction; Diagnosis; Assessment; Care management; Claiming benefits; Advocacy; Part 6: The care environment: Introduction; Design; Modern technology; Food; Activities; Part 7: Making it work: Service development; Staff support; Personal survival; Training; Part 8: Therapy: Introduction; Behaviour management; Internal influences; External influences; Factors in the world at large; How do we decide which we opt for?; Counseling; Counseling poeple with dementia; Counseling carers; Counseling paid staff; Group work; Family therapy; Part 9: The future: Introduction; Listen to people and their carers; Give dementia care the status it deserves; Embrace the new culture of dementia care; Don't allow a split to develop between health and social care professionals; The focus of the caring organizations should be on the 'front-line'; Specialization; The law; Public awareness; Conclusion.