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Sustainable Care

Series Editors: Sue Yeandle, CIRCLE, University of Sheffield, Jon Glasby, University of Birmingham, Jill Manthorpe, King’s College London and Kate Hamblin, CIRCLE, University of Sheffield

Arising from research in the ESRC Sustainable Care: connecting people and systems programme and from the ESRC funded Centre for Care, this new book series provides novel, interdisciplinary and internationally informed contributions to understanding care systems, care work and care relationships. Contributions are based on studies conducted in the UK, with international partners studying linked topics in their own countries.  

The series focuses on ‘sustainable care’, a concept which contributors theorise in new and distinctive ways. It makes an innovative and distinctive contribution to understandings of future care challenges and how care arrangements could be made more sustainable in the future.

The series develops and critically engages with key contemporary debates about:

  • care infrastructure;
  • divisions of caring labour and the political economy of care;
  • care ethics, rights, recognition and values;
  • care technologies and human-technological interactions;
  • and care relations in intergenerational, emotional, community and familial context.

Key themes and subject areas will include:

  • social and welfare policy and systems;
  • family and social gerontology;
  • ageing and disability studies;
  • employment and workforce organisation;
  • diversity (incl. gender and ethnicity);
  • migration and mobility;
  • technology studies.

Providing new empirical, conceptual and methodological research, in both scholarly and accessible forms, this series is required reading internationally for scholars, policymakers, practitioners and citizens interested in care.