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Tackling the roots of racism

Lessons for success

By Reena Bhavnani, Heidi Safia Mirza and Veena Meetoo


Nov 8, 2005

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240 pages




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Policy Press
Tackling the roots of racism

Drawing on the literature from a wide range of disciplines, including sociology, anthropology and psychology, the book makes direct links between the causes of racism and the successful interventions to combat it. It particularly highlights the need to understand micro 'everyday' racisms in order to tackle the macro structural roots of racism.

Topics covered include ethnic monitoring and the reproduction of racism; elite racism in the media and among politicians; anti-racist interventions at work and service delivery; combating racism in sport, the arts and education; social cohesion, diversity and local community initiatives and multiculturalism and equal opportunities.

The succinct description and shrewd analysis of policy interventions make this book essential reading for social science academics, researchers and students, as well as practitioners and policy makers keen to apply the lessons learned.

"You always wish these books don't have to be written. You hope that finally Britons of colour have acquired an inalienable right to be treated as absolute equals to their white counterparts and that bonds which bind us are stronger than our ethnicities and faiths. But racism and inter-group strife have mutated to beat this optimism. This forensic, serious and essential book shows how the changing landscape accommodates the new 'normative' racisms. And suggests sophisticated interventions with which to halt the dangerous racial divisions in our society." Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Reena Bhavnani is Senior Research Fellow, Heidi Safia Mirza Professor of Racial Equality Studies and Veena Meetoo Researcher at the Centre for Racial Equality Studies, Middlesex University.

Introduction; The roots of racism; Defining successful interventions; Everday elite racisms; Everday situated racisms; Racism and the law; Equality at work; Accessing services; Mulicultural interventions; Lessons for success; Tackling the roots of racism.