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The Alumni Way

Building Lifelong Value from Your University Investment

By Maria L. Gallo


Sep 30, 2021

Page count

208 pages




216 x 138 mm


Policy Press


Sep 30, 2021

Page count

208 pages




216 x 138 mm


Policy Press
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    The Alumni Way

    Are you a college or university graduate?

    Do you support students looking ahead to life after graduation?

    Are you curious about how your alumni network can benefit your life?

    Does the alumni strategy in your organisation need inspiration?

    In this enlightening, original book, ‘The Alumni Way’ reimagines graduates’ alumni status as a gateway to immense opportunities through professional and personal networks. To discover this alumni potential, Maria Gallo guides you through the four key traits of ‘The Alumni Way’: reflection, curiosity, passion and generosity.

    With a sound academic foundation, combined with practical activities and checklists, ‘The Alumni Way’ is the ultimate resource for inspiring savvy, active alumni citizens of the world.

    "Maria Gallo highlights the path forward for alumni offices and the alumni they serve, ably demonstrating how universities can enhance meaningful engagement opportunities and graduate success." Sheila J. Curran, former career center leader, Brown University and Duke University

    “The Alumni Way provides a fantastic framework to reimagine and analyse what makes for a successful relationship between graduates and their alma mater.”

    Andrew Monk, Executive Director of Development and Alumni Relations, University of Bristol

    “Maria’s book is a practical guide for those of us invested in developing and leading vibrant alumni networks” Jihad Hajjouji, African Leadership Academy

    Maria L. Gallo is the Founder of KITE and The Alumni Way Academy. An internationally renowned alumni scholar, Maria has held higher education leadership positions in Canada and Europe. She is currently a Visiting Research Fellow with the Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin.


    Introduction: We are all Alumni

    Part I: Charting the Course of the Alumni Way

    1. Starting at the Finish Line

    2. The Compass: Introducing Alumni Capital

    3. Summary: Stepping Forward by Stepping Back on Campus

    Part II: The Alumni Way Trait: Reflection

    4. Reflecting on the ‘Keep in Touch’ Call

    5. Reflection Signpost: Recognize the University is a City

    6. Reflection Signpost: Advance ourselves as Alumni Citizens

    7. Reflection Trait Summary: Alum from Day One, Revisited

    Part III: The Alumni Way Trait: Curiosity

    8. Our Career, our Alumni Capital, and our Curiosity

    9. Curiosity Signpost: Build our Alumni Hypernetwork

    10. Curiosity Signpost: Leverage Alumni Capital for Business

    11. Curiosity Trait Summary: Shining a Light

    Part IV: The Alumni Way Trait: Passion

    12. Immersing in our Passions: The Alumni Dimension

    13. Passion Signpost: Nourish our Wellness through our Alumni Capital

    14. Passion Signpost: Watch our Alumni-Self Flourish

    15. Passion Trait Summary: Our Lives, our Alma Mater

    Part V- The Alumni Way Trait: Generosity

    16. When Giving Back has New Meaning

    17. Generosity Signpost- Recognize we are all Philanthropists

    18. Generosity Signpost- Understand the Power of Giving

    19. Generosity Trait Summary: Our Generosity as Service

    Part VI- Alumni: Bringing it into our Lives

    20. Our Potential: Building our Alumni Way

    21. Our Alumni Call to Action

    The Final Word: The Alumni Way Journey Continues