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The changing role of local politics in Britain

By Stephen Leach


Jul 26, 2006

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Policy Press
The changing role of local politics in Britain

The Local Government Act 2000 has transformed the way in which local politics operates within local authorities. Local councillors have had to adjust to the introduction of elected mayors, cabinet government and scrutiny committees, and cope with a range of other new initiatives. This book is a unique attempt to provide a coherent analysis of the impact of these changes on the world of local politics.

The book provides a comprehensive review of the operation of politics in local government, including the impact of national and local political parties on the behaviour of party groups in local authorities, the way party groups interact with each other, the changing role of local political leadership and the relationship of local politicians with senior council officers.

The changing role of local politics in Britain Is essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students and their teachers on local government, politics, public policy and public administration courses, as well as officers in local authorities who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the political environment in which they work.

"Steve Leach is one of the leading lights in the study of politics at the local level, and his latest book is a valuable contribution to our part of the political scene." Local Government First

"Steve Leach's lucid and informative new book gives us a valuable account of the changes that have been taking place in British local government and of the issues that arise if local party politics is indeed entering an era of depoliticasion." Local Government Studies

"Well written and easily accessible, this book makes a valuable contribution to the field by reassessing, presenting and shedding new light on what is known. It is highly relevant to ongoing debates in and around local politics." Dr Colin Copus, The Institute of Local Government Studies, University of Birmingham

Steve Leach is Professor of Local Government at Leicester Business School, De Montfort University.

Parties and politics in local government: 'the elephant in the room'?; The national parties and local government; Modernisation, democratic renewal and elected mayors; Local executive government: the impact of the 'cabinet and leader' model; Councillors: servants of the people?; The changing role of local political leadership; The dynamics of party groups; The dynamics of inter-party relations; The role of local party networks; The future of political parties in local government.