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The Politics of Cycling Infrastructure

Spaces and (In)Equality

Edited by Till Koglin and Peter Cox


29 Jan 2020

Page count

260 pages




234 x 156 mm


Policy Press
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29 Jan 2020

Page count

260 pages





Policy Press
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The Politics of Cycling Infrastructure

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This book offers a critical examination of existing cycling structures and the current policy and practices used to promote cycling in Europe. An international range of contributors provide an interdisciplinary analysis of the complex cultural politics of infrastructural provision and interrogate the pervasive bias against cyclists in city planning and transport systems across the globe.

Infrastructural planning is revealed to be an intensely political act and its meaning variable according to larger political processes and contexts. The book also considers questions surrounding safety and risk, urban space wars and sustainable futures, connecting this to broader questions about citizenship and justice in contemporary cities.

“Full of compelling insights from some of the leading cycling researchers in the world, this volume brings the politics of infrastructure to bear in vibrant case studies of why and how cities continue to marginalize cycling despite its many known benefits.” Mimi Sheller, Drexel University

"In a day and age where human-powered mobility modes are praised for their sustainable potential, it is sobering to read this research showing the contested and stratified nature of velomobility across cities and societies.” Ole B. Jensen, Aalborg University

"An exciting and illuminating up and down ride through cycling infrastructures, policies and bike practices around different cities in the world."

Professor Jonas Larsen, Roskilde University, Denmark.

Till Koglin is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Technology and Society, Faculty of Engineering at Lund University.

Peter Cox is a Professor at the Department of Social and Political Science, University of Chester, UK


Peter Cox and Till Koglin

Chapter 1 Theorising infrastructure: a politics of spaces and edges

Peter Cox

Chapter 2 The cultural politics of infrastructure: the case of Louis Botha Avenue in Johannesburg, South Africa

Njogu Morgan

Chapter 3 Spatial dimensions of the marginalisation of cycling – marginalisation through rationalisation?

Till Koglin

Chapter 4 Mental barriers in planning for cycling

Tadej Brezina, Ulrich Leth and Helmut Lemmerer

Chapter 5 Safety, risk and road traffic danger: towards a transformational approach to the dominant ideology

John Whitelegg

Chapter 6 What constructs a Cycle City? A comparison of policy narratives in Newcastle and Bremen

Katja Leyendecker

Chapter 7 Hard Work in Paradise. The contested making of Amsterdam as a cycling city

Fred Feddes, Marjolein de Lange & Marco te Brömmelstroet

Chapter 8 Conflictual Politics of Sustainability: cycling organisations and the Öresund crossing

Martin Emanuel

Chapter 9 Vélomobility in Copenhagen – a perfect world?

Malene Freudendal-Pedersen

Chapter 10 Navigating cycling infrastructure in Sofia, Bulgaria

Anna Plyushteva and Andrew Barnfield

Chapter 11 Cycling advocacy in São Paulo: influence and effects in politics

Letícia Lindenberg Lemos


Till Koglin and Peter Cox