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The private rented sector in a new century

Revival or false dawn?

Edited by Stuart Lowe and David Hughes


Sep 4, 2002

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240 pages




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Policy Press
The private rented sector in a new century

Against a century-long trend of decline, the private rented sector grew significantly during the 1990s. This book explores why and looks at the consequences for tenants and landlords, as well as the wider implications for housing policy.

Written by legal and policy experts, the book brings together, for the first time in over a decade, leading-edge research on the newly deregulated private rented sector. It provides background information about the recent history and development of the private rented sector and explores the changing nature of the sector.

The book will be invaluable reading for law, public policy, housing and social policy students. Housing practitioners and policy makers will also find it a stimulating read.

"I am delighted to welcome a book that focuses on private rented housing and the role it continues to play in the housing market. The issues considered here will be of great interest to policy makers and those thinking about the development of housing law." Martin Partington, Law Commissioner for England and Wales

David Hughes is Professor of Housing and Planning Law at De Montfort University. He is author of many key texts in the fields of public sector housing law and environmental law.

Stuart Lowe is Senior Lecturer in Social Policy at the University of York. He has written extensively about British housing policy in books and journals.

Contents: The new private rented sector David Hughes and Stuart Lowe; Private renting in the 21st century: lessons from the last decade of the 20th century A.D.H. Crook; Housing benefit and social security Steve Wilcox; Rents and returns in the residential lettings market David Rhodes and Peter Kemp; The private rented sector in rural areas Phil Hancock; Rental housing supply in rural Scotland: the role of private landowners Madhu Satsangi; The nature of tenancy relationships: landlords and young people Diane Lister; Unlawful eviction and harassment Jill Morgan; Changing Rooms: the legal and policy implications of a burgeoning student housing market in Leicester Martin Davis and David Hughes; The Scottish system of licensing houses in multiple occupation Hector Currie; Housing conditions in the private rented sector within a market framework A.D.H. Crook; Room for improvement: the impact of the local authority grant system Mike Ellison; New law, new policy David Hughes and Stuart Lowe.

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