Policy Press

Two steps forward

Housing policy into the new millennium

Edited by Dave Cowan and Alex Marsh


Jul 18, 2001

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408 pages




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Policy Press
Two steps forward

While the future shape and direction of housing policy is uncertain, the process of transformation looks set to continue. A wide range of housing policy initiatives emerged during the first term of the New Labour government and 2000 saw the publication of the first major policy statement on housing for over 10 years - the government's much anticipated Housing Green Paper.

This book makes a distinctive and innovative contribution to the debate. Bringing together leading scholars from the fields of housing law and housing policy, it aims to engage with the central concerns of policy and to demonstrate that the parallel debates of housing studies and socio-legal studies can be strengthened by a fuller exchange of ideas.

Each chapter examines a key theme in contemporary housing policy and seeks to locate policy in relation to broader theoretical debates about the provision of social welfare.

Two steps forward is essential reading for academics, students and policy makers with an interest in housing policy and law, as well as students on wider social policy, public administration, policy and management courses.

"... a comprehensive and welcome addition to the colloquy on the current state of housing policy in this country." Roof

"... a unique snapshot of UK academic work on housing." The Law Teacher

"This collection provides students of public law and social and public policy with an invaluable assessment of the state of housing policy. The pairing of law and policy around key themes is a unique and valuable contribution. " Stuart Lowe, Department of Social Policy and Social Work, University of York

"The publication of this book is very welcome. It provides us with a detailed analysis of current developments in housing policy and reminds us of the social and policy contexts within which any proposals for reform of the law must be located." Martin Partington, Law Commissioner for England and Wales

"... a heavyweight analysis of New Labour's housing policy ... will fascinate housing scholars." Axis

David Cowan is a Lecturer in the Faculty of Law, University of Bristol, UK. 

Alex Marsh is a Senior Research Fellow at the School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol, UK.

Contents: Analysing New Labour housing policy Dave Cowan and Alex Marsh; Stock transfer in the social rented sector: New Labour transfers Alan Murie and Brendan Nevin; Stock transfer Tom Mullen; Housing standards in the private sector: Housing standards in the private rented sector and the three Rs: regulation, responsibility, and rights Sarah Blandy; Housing standards in the private sector Philip Leather; The allocation of social housing: Allocating housing - or 'letting' people choose? Peter Somerville; From allocations to lettings: sea change or more of the same? Dave Cowan;

Tenant participation: Two steps forward for tenants? Helen Carr, Dorothy Sefton-Green and Damien Tissier; Developments in tenant participation: accounting for growth Robina Goodlad; Anti-social behaviour: Managing anti-social behaviour - inclusion or exclusion? Pauline Card; Anti-social behaviour and housing - can law be the answer? Caroline Hunter; Housing management in the era of Best Value: From housing management to the management of housing: the challenge of Best Value Peter Vincent-Jones; Registered Social Landlords, Best Value and the changing organisation and provision of social housing: a perspective from housing studies Bruce Walker; Rent policy in the social rented sector: Restructuring social housing rents Alex Marsh; The politicalisation of social rents Barbara Mauthe; Housing Benefit and personal subsidy: Housing Benefit Peter Robson; Helping with housing costs? Unravelling the political economy of personal subsidy Kenneth Gibb; Conclusion: Making connections Dave Cowan and Alex Marsh.

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