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Urban Policy, Planning and the Built Environment

Series Editors: Pierre Filion, University of Waterloo, Canada, Nicole Gurran, University of Sydney, Australia and Nick Gallent, Bartlett School of Planning, UCL, UK

This international series examines the interdisciplinary dimensions of urbanism and the built environment – extending from urban policy and governance to urban planning, management, housing, transport, infrastructure, landscape, heritage, and design. It aims to provide critical analyses of the challenges confronting cities at the intersection between markets, public policy and the built environment, as well as the responses emerging from these challenges.

Contributions to the series may consider how key issues and concerns such as: socio-economic inequality; demographic shifts; health and wellbeing; environmental sustainability/climate risk; technological change; economic instability, and globalisation are mediated by processes of urban governance, policy making, and planning, to shape a range of built environment and socio-economic outcomes.

The series embraces the inter-disciplinary nature of built environment professions and urban studies/theoretical traditions. Books may examine how substantive urban public policy agendas are addressed through formal, informal, public and non-public decision processes at multiple scales, including community and stakeholder engagement in formal and informal planning/design processes.

Contributions to this series will look in particular at the contested nature of government intervention in the urban land and housing market, and how urban governance, planning, and design processes respond to increasing social complexity, socio-spatial diversity and the goal of democratic renewal.

Books may also develop critical theoretical insights on the governance arrangements in which urban planning, management and built environment design are situated and the wider public policy outcomes arising.

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Editorial Board:

  • Karen Chapple, University of California, Berkeley
  • Marco Cremaschi, Sciences Po, Paris
  • Robyn Dowling, University of Sydney
  • Jill L. Grant, Dalhousie University
  • Libby Porter, RMIT University
  • Mike Raco, University College London
  • Umberto Janin Rivolin, Politecnico di Torino
  • Mark Scott, University College Dublin
  • Quentin Stevens, RMIT University
  • Igor Vojnovic, Michigan State University
  • Laura Wolf-Powers, City University of New York
  • Markus Moos, University of Waterloo

Proposals are invited for books, edited or authored, which fit into the broad scope of the series. For further information, contact the series editors or Emily Watt, Publisher.